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feelin' groovy

Vote for Bolinas to be a socially acknowledged nature-loving town because to like to drink the water out of the lakes to like to eat the blueberries to like the bears is not hatred to hotels and motor boats. Dakar. Temporary and way to save life, skunks and foxes (airplanes to go over the ocean) and to make it beautiful.

The people of Bolinas, CA voted for this yesterday. It won - 314-152.

It was sponsored by a woman known for wearing hats made of tree bark and newspaper.

I guess I missed that part in the last election when Bolinas voted to lace its water supply with acid.


I gotta think it's a bad thing that a referendum--especially one that passes--fails the Turing test so spectacularly.

[Marks that town down in the "never EVER move there" list...]

Damn - now I know where the Libertarians settled down in California.

I wouldn't mind living in a place where I could drink the water from a lake and not grow a third eye. Especially if they'd still let me take a jet ski out on it, too.

No, Joseph, it's not the Libertarians, it's the Santa Cruz burnouts.

Indeed, Ken. Libertarians get hives when we tell them about Bolinas. It's fun, as long as you keep the cortizone handy. They do have the longest-running saloon, there, though. Opened by Captain Morgan himself, way back whenever. A friend's band is playing there, next weekend. I can't go, though. It's gorgeous, especially the drive out there, but Bolinas freaks me out. I think it's the water.

Can we all take a vote to throw up?

I thought it sounded like it was authored by the insane guy I feature weekly on my blog. Schizophrenic Screed

Umm...Actually it just sounds like the local people indulging their pet eccentric, a la Emperor Norton of San Francisco.

Isn't that the place where Martha Stewart was rumored to be setting up her new corporate kitchen?