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live from New york, it's wednesday morning!

Muslims warned to leave U.S. cities...

I read about that at LGF and a couple of other sites yesterday and I pretty much dismissed it as just a whole lot of blustering from some message board jihads.

So why did I dream about it last night? And why did my heart sink when I saw the story on the front page of the Fox website today?

I know why. Because my daughter is going on a school trip to D.C. next week.

I'm nervous about this trip as it is. It's the first overnight school trip I've let take. Ok, I'm a nervous mother to begin with. I didn't even let her walk around the block by herself until she was 12. And now, I'm putting her in the hands of a few teachers and chaperones as they take her to a place that - if you believe jihad message boards - is going to be targeted for terrorism soon.

No, I still don't believe what's said on that site is true. I still think it's a bunch of wannabe terrorists playing a sick game. But it certainly is feeding my paranoia and I really wish she wasn't going to D.C. next week.

I don't have the time nor the patience to discuss how the folks at DU are assuming this is some plot by Bush to stage a terrorist attack on the U.S. so he can look good. Oh, and Fox is in on it, of course. And Debka. And the Mossad.

[cue Saturday Night Live host voice] We've got a great show coming up! Real Men, Iraq, Shoddy news coverage, comic book rehab and Post-Election day hangover! And MTX is here! Don't go away, we'll be right back after a word from Carnival of the Vanities![end SNL voice]


Well, some troll pointed out to me that since MEMRI was the source of the info, it's a Jewish conspiracy against peace-loving Arabs...

I wonder why all those Muslims weren't warned about 9/11. Or the first WTC attack. All these other terrorist attacks have gone on, and someone decides to warn the Muslim populace now? In a way that also warns the non-Muslim populace? This is so bogus.

I live near DC, and... eh. If I had to listen to every two-bit mujahid who wanted to blow up the place, my ears would fall off from the constant yapping.

I'd worry more about my children on the trip down to DC that I would about them being in DC itself. Remember, terrorism isn't really about killing people; it's about making people too afraid to go about their daily lives. Think about things rationally and the terrorists' power dries up and blows away.

(I'll still say an extra prayer for your daughter, just on general principle.)

Hrmmm.... not sure I think it's a legit threat - but I'll cross my fingers and say a prayer that it's not, and that your daughter stays safe.

I live near DC too. I also work 2 blocks from the White House. If they do somthing during business hours I'll likely have some first hand blog material if I survive it. I've learned to just tune out all the DC centric news. You'll probably know before me when there is a major threat.

I can see the White House from my office. I too am a little on edge. However, the alternative is to move to a town out of the terrorists' sites. Because life always likes to get cute, the moment I did, I'd probably get hit by a car crossing the street in that safe little town. Life is risky. Live it.

I would talk to the teachers/chaperones/school -- what is the adult:student ratio? More importantly -- What PLAN do they have if an emergency arises? (you may start them thinking about this if they haven't already). Will their first course of action be to leave the area immediately (maybe not to home, but to a more proximal but safer city). What will they do if plane service is grounded? What will they do if some/several students are hospitalized? What is their plan for contacting school officials/parents? Do they have health info on the students (allergies to medicines, etc), if they have to be treated at a hospital?