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guess who's back in town?



It's a thank-less job. He'll be sorry.

Obviously a good PR move by somebody who could really use some, but there is a difference between being able to do something and being able to teach other people to do the same thing. It remains to be seen whether Donnie can do the latter.

Donnie Baseball has already received quite a bit of praise from players about what he has shown them in a limited role. Tino Martinez credited Mattingly with turning his season around in 2001.

The Hit Man will be great for guys like Soriano and Boone.

I hope he brings his 80's era porn mustache with him :-p

Wonderful news. It will be awesome to have Donnie Baseball back in Yankee Stadium on a regular basis. The first thing he has to do is refocus the team on smallball, working pitch counts and laying of first pitches. Homeruns are great when you hit them, but you can't manage an offense around them.

Anyway, great news through and through.

Agree this is a great move, and should add some stability and credibility to the position. You can't just summarily dismiss Donnie Baseball because of a temper tantrum.

I think he will do a great job, he's a smart, thoughtful guy that will also help the team's psyche, adding a LOT of credibility.

There's nothing like having a guy in the dugout wearing one of the retired jersey numbers. I also happen to think that a little infusion of new blood is good for the whole team and kinda would like to see Stottlemyre go, too. He's been great, but they may need some new blood there as well. One of the other rumors I've heard is Grady Little for bench coach. Wouldn't that be a twist.

Yeah, but how about where it really counts, though? I would bet Mattingly can fight better than Zimmer...