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Update: I just disabled the blacklist feature until I can figure out what happened.

Commenting now available.

No wonder I haven't received any comments today. It seems something with MT Blacklist has screwed up my commenting thingie.

I guess I'll go look under the hood and see what's going on. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Huzzah! They work!

Now back to your usual posts, my dear. I need to get my daily rant quotient or I might wither away and die!

Everything OK? I haven't got around to updating you to the latest...

It's not just you. Christine at Polkadotmittens was having the same problem. There was a new version of MY Blacklist just released IIRC.

I thought it was interfering with my comments too, but it turned out to be a poky ISP. I e-mailed Jay about it, and he assured me ver. 1.5 didn't affect the comment notification function at all.