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today's helpful hint

When you wake up with a strange, burning pain in your thigh, do not proceed use Google to look up a diagnosis. You will only spend the rest of the day assuming that you have a blood clot or cancer.

Trust me on this.


If you had a blood clot, trust me, you'd know something was extremely wrong. That is the most pain you will ever feel (and that's coming from someone that had kidney stones with no insurance and just had to wait for it to pass).

Might be sciatica - a non-stop burning pain with crazy-making erratic gut-wrenching stabs in the outer half of your leg, around to the back (and possibly up to your hip and down your calf) that isn't relieved by much of anything, though anti-inflammatories (aspirin) and bed rest can help some. Caused by tweaking your lower back. I've had a couple attacks this year (gardening and moving) - pain that knocks the wind out of you.

Wishing you quick healing.

I had sciatica this summer. I'll second that it's no picnic.

I've had bouts with sciatica before, thanks to childbirth.

I usuall get it more towards my hip, though. But as I look around on the net, I see that a lot people feel it in their thighs. And I did move furniture up and down stairs this weekend.

I feel better now, thanks.

Also, if your ex-girlfriend is experiencing "twinges" of pain in her ovaries (not being a girl I don't know how you can tell where the twinges are), and feels sick in the mornings, the internet will definitely tell you that she is pregnant. You can then freak out since you are still in school, and relax only when the school clinic says she is too stressed out, causing said symptoms.

Oh, and don't date psycho chicks. I'm pretty sure you can learn that from the internet.

Ask the wrong blogger, they'll tell you you have DVT. Probably not, though.

Good to hear you feel better. Going to see a doctor if it continues, right?

It's got to be better than this.

I seem to remember reading that gout was making a bit of a comeback due to bad diets. In fact, looking at the WebMD causes page, I'd be worried about it if I was on the Atkins diet or something similar, as obesity and a high-protein diet appear to be high-risk factors.

That, and it sounds painful as hell.

I came down with chronic fatigue/Epstein Barr virus, which messes with your immune system. My symptoms reflected that - rashes, increased skin problems, horrible weakness, etc. Before I was diagnosed, I punched all of my symptoms into google. Up came thousands of sites on the advanced stages of HIV. The days waiting for my bloodwork back were the longest, most horrible days of my life.

You're just pregnant, Michele.


You know that would be a scientific miracle, Mrs.

I have absolutely no helpful medical advice to offer - but I am glad to hear you're feeling better!