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Good morning, Viking fans.


What a rare and delightful treat that was.

Eh, George O'Leary and the Vikings defense...two of the biggest shams around. Of course it helps having Ahman Green pound thru it and a broken-thumbed Brett Favre to pick it apart.

Against a QB with half a thumb and a running back that fumbles every ball he touches. It was truly embarassing. I had to turn it off in the second quarter, or I would've wept.

My approach to being a Vikings fan: If the Vikes have a 26 point lead, I'm worried, because they'll still find a way to blow it (see also: Gophers). If the Vikes are tied, I'm resigned to them losing. If they're behind in the fourth quarter, I switch to the History Channel. If they win, I watch the highlights over and over again to assure myself they actually won.

Thank you, Packers! You saved my fantasy football team, since Kansas City had the bye.

That's exactly it, Ryan, especially the part about having a big lead. I don't think any team has perfected the "prevent" defense like the Vikes (as in "prevent you from winning").

At least it's hockey season. Go Wild!!

Er...you guys do know that they're still 6-2, right? That doesn't mean Panic Mode to me. Hell, my Bears are 3-5 and happy to get it at this point.

Ah, the cruelty! The D let us down big-time, but up to this game they've been pretty good.

OK, now back to sobbing in my beer.

Ouch Michele.

On another note, my Razorbacks tied their record for 7 OTs again. Oh, and they won in 7 OTs again.