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worst. halloween episode. ever

Is it just me or was that Treehouse of Horror special incredibly lame?


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did not live up to past episodes. hope Malcolm is a winner.

Yawnarama. I think I even dozed off.

How could they have Jerry Lewis and not have him completely glavin out? Unforgiveable.

Well, at least they brought back the halloween names during the credits.

Ack! I completely forgot about it!

Malcolm was hilarious.

I could NOT get over David Cassidy's character. They need to bring him back. Talk about being able to make fun of yourself....

The new comedy, not so good. But it has potential.

i was disappointed. and i forgot to tape malcolm.

We watched it only to see the Homer of Death tell people at the baseball game to take dirtnaps just so he could get better seats. That was the only really entertaining part for me.

Jerry Lewis, and we didn't hear the strains of Stella by Starlight. Dang.

I enjoyed it well enough. One of the problems is that the commercials gave away most of the best jokes. But I love Frink, so that was a great sketch, and the Kang/Konos bit in the beginning was funny, too.

C+ maybe. The Benny Hill chase was great, as was Homer's switch of Patty (Selma?) for Marge. Jerry Lewis was, sadly, wasted; I expected more glavin and "nice LAY-dee!" too. The time-stopping watch segment was passable.

not to ellucidate my terminal geekhood, but what the hell is the treehouse of horror?


Agreed - a pretty so-so episode. After 14 of these, they seem to have completely run out of spoof ideas for Halloween (didn't they resort to Harry Potter last year?). I always love Frink, but Jerry Lewis was totally wasted. Some of the clock stoppers gags were funny, but it was pretty disappointing on the whole.

The Tony Hawk/emanciapted Bart episode that followed was pretty weak as well.

I watched it with a non-Simpson's watcher & was embarrassed. They need to just show ToH 1-6 each year until they get some better ideas...or writers. I quit watching the second episode about midway through.

It's next to impossible to get my husband to watch the Simpsons. He gave in last night, and I apologized...

I gave up after the Grim Homer part. I got a chuckle out of the Benny Hill bit, but where was the scary??