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Chuck is jealous of my boobs.


aren't we all?

so stole my comment...i gotta get here quicker. especially when boobs are involved.

I share Chuck's jealousy!

Psychologists say we see faces in many things naturally. If we look at the nude female body as a face, it seems to be similar to a face with open eyes, raised eyebrows (the breasts) and puckered lips (external female genetalia), in a sort of demure, surprised look.

If we look at the nude male body in a similar manner, it just looks like someone sticking their tongue out.

Which would you rather look at?

Some things in life just aren't fair, and Chuck has hit on one of those things.

In a conflict between fairness and female breasts, I'm gonna hafta side with the boobs. Actually, in spite of his bitter lament, I suspect Chuck would choose boobs over fairness as well. ;-)

we all are. get used to it.

The picture reminded me of the line in "Young Frankenstein":

"What knockers!"

"Vy, zank you, Dr. Frankenstein"