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scary monsters and super creeps

From Tongue Tied:

The Portland Oregonian reports that schools across America have banned pretty much any Halloween costume with the potential for offending anyone. Some have gone so far as to do away with the costumes altogether.

In written rules, Waluga Junior High School in Lake Oswego, Ore. forbids toy weapons, masks and cross-dressing for the boys. Costumes must be respectful of all ethnic or cultural identities.

Some of the schools around here took it even a step farther; they banned any and all costumes. Our school district didn't have a cohesive plan. Each school made up their own rules as to what could and couldn't be worn. At my daughter's middle school, only costumes depciting historical figures or characters from literature were acceptable. At two of the elementary schools, any kind of Halloween costume - even a t-shirt saying Happy Halloween - was banned. No Halloween parties, no candy, nothing. Most of the schools in other local districts did the same.

Cooler heads prevailed at my son's elementary school. Not only did they have their annual Halloween parade and class parties, but costumes of any sort were welcome. Scary, gory, creepy, possibly offensive to aliens, criminals and other sorts. There were skeletons and vampires, pirates and gypsies, about 40 kids in blood-dripping Scream masks, a couple of Freddies with clawed fingers and a handful of Jasons in hockey masks (with cleaver), werewolves, generic monsters, bloody doctors, indians, cowboys, boys dressed as girls, girls dressed as pop singers that looked like hookers and two kids dressed as Fat Bastard.

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The kids had a great time walking around the front of the school while a speaker blared Halloween themed rock music. Every teacher got into the act, each wearing a costume as they walked with their classes.

No one seemed to be offended or frightened. None of the parents complained. It's good to know that at leats at my son's school, kids are allowed to be kids on Halloween.


Gee, we just added camo paint to our usual daily uniform of BDUs, LBV and M-16A2. It was like school on Saturday.... no class.

So the "Left Handed Lesbian Albino Midget" costumes are out?

That first costume is just bad. His parents must rock.

I can see the no toy guns thing, but no cross-dressing? No Indians? Sheesh.

The article asked why nobody dresses like pumpkins and racoons anymore.... It's because surely the pumpkin would offend vegans, or agriculturalists or both, and the raccoon would offend somebody in PETA for misrepresenting a noble animal. GAds!! Pretty soon you won't be able to dress as anything but yourself!!

I remember when my oldest was in Kindergarten and had a major thing for Batman. I slaved like an idiot for days sewing him a batman costume, and he was sooooo excited. Less than a week before Halloween, the school (Catholic - and we didn't last long there) sent home a letter saying the kids could only dress as SAints. Needless to say there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth in our household. Thinking fast, I figured he could wear his plastic "armor", with tinfoil wings and the Batman cape, and say that he was St.Michael the Archangel. (Legend says that St. Michael is the one that threw the devil out of heaven.) Can you imagine me trying to convince this five year old that he could be St. Michael because he was sort of like God's Crimefighter - just like Batman???? It was a hard sell, be he finally caved.

PCism run wild. Sheesh.

And no, sorry DocFrau, I can't see the no toy guns/toy swords thing - those are a part of being a kid.

You won't see Halloween costumes in any public school in Nevada, but there's no political correctness involved.

October 31st, besides being Halloween, is also "Nevada Day" - the day Nevada was founded. Due to this being a state holiday, all state offices (including public schools) close on that day.

Besides being founded on Oct. 31st, Nevada has never been quite right. President Lincoln waved the requirement that a prospective state must have at least 60,000 people before it can be considered, mainly because he needed the silver mines to help finance the Civil War effort. The extra electoral vote didn't hurt his re-election any, either.

I'm saddened that the predictions that Ray Bradbury made in his fictions 50+ years ago are coming true in some places.

That rocks, Michele. Those are some good costumes.