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the greatest threat is brainwashed fools

Israel has been described as the top threat to world peace, ahead of North Korea, Afghanistan and Iran, by an unpublished European Commission poll of 7,500 Europeans, sparking an international row.

They sure do like that Kool-Aid over there.


So the headline would be "Eurotrash brazenly anti-Semitic?"

Yawn, what else is new?

This is like that pesky England, a threat to peace in the 1940s by refusing to roll over for the Nazis.

how about just in the top 20 then.

Something about Israeli helicopters targeting cars and houses and shooting missles just doesn't really inspire world peace.

And I'm not convinced anti-semitism has anything to do with it. While anti-semistism is a real problem that has no place in today's world, it is also a knee-jerk reaction sometimes called on for any amount of criticism of Israeli policy. Be careful.

Self defense is a threat? Only to the attacker, asshat.

What would the world do without the Jews? I mean, without them to catch blame for everything, the clueless and the losers would be even more confused and depressed than they already are.

And Anthony, while I have massive problems with Israeli tactics, at least their primary targets are soldiers (to be charitable, or jihadists to be accurate). Hamas believes every civilian death is a victory. If the dead person is a pre-breeding age Jew, it's all good; that helps the Palestinian long-term demographic strategy. If the death is a Palestinian, it's 72 virgins for the victim and propoganda fodder to throw to the useful idiots in the West. (I still want to know what boobie prize muslim women supposedly get for failing the Darwin test.)

When there are no good sides, take the least bad. And if that leads you to defend the tactics of Hamas, be my guest. (Actually, don't be my guest. Go be the guest of a Palestinian, and while you're at it find a bulldozer and lie down in front of it. Maybe the whole world will get lucky.)

I've been struck by this since the first comment, but I thought I'd say it:

I can't tell whether some of these comments would be better placed in The Onion or the National Review.

Victor Davis Hanson has written an interesting article exploring the "new anti-Semitism" that is well worth reading.

Perhaps as Americans we find Death a rare and distanced thing. However in all developing countries it is a daily occurrence. POVERTY. That's why religion is so big. It gives hope to those who don't have any. Be it seventy virgins or a Heaven free from suffering.

Where it gets interesting is that we all insist that OUR God is the right one and all others are a threat. We would rather kill one another to further our interests than to accept that at the most basic level all religions are striving for the same thing. Function in society and be nice.

However, most religions are competing for members and power so kiss the Pope and pass a buck.

It really doesn’t matter because in the end we are all going to die. That is the one thing that we all have in common: Catholic, Buddhist, Jew, Mormon, Islamic, whatever.

I’m glad that I’m an animal, you humans are too confusing.

Anthony – you say we should be careful. Being careful is what ‘world peace’ is all about, isn’t it?

Oppressive dictatorships like North Korea, Afghanistan under the Taliban and Iran are relatively ‘peaceful’. They murder thousands, allow millions to starve, but they are relatively quiet about it – no annoying free press to make a lot of noise about things. If history is any indication, Europeans have always preferred the ‘peace’ of oppression and genocide to the noise created by confrontation and war.

Europeans don’t understand why the Israelis are confronting and fighting the Islamists who are murdering their children and hoping to drive them into the sea. Europeans always aim for the ‘world peace’ that comes from appeasement. This preference, like anti-Semitism, is the kool-aid that Europe has been drinking for years.

this is such a pile of crap
i just wrote a %$#^&* long ass post about this
you know if this isnt anti-Semitism
i dont know what is
you have Israel this tiny little country
surrounded by enemies
enemies who have tried to destroy
this country
who have wished and aimed for Jewish genocide since day one
and all israel has one
is try to surive
against all odds this little dot of a nation
has survived and has excelled
and this pissed off
the mother fuckers like there is no tomorrow
because they will not be happy until every jew in israel is dead
and israel becomes an islamic country
as to the europeans
i say this
havent you pricks learned anything
from the holocaust?
my god
take a look in the mirror
thats right
you're looking at a racist
anti-semitic bastard
now do us all a favor
drop dead

I don't care much for modern poetry, Rossi, but that was great.

Well, Israel being the major threat to world peace? That is somewhat over the top. But where would the world be today, if in the late 1940's the US did not support the terrorists (or freedom fighters, if you prefer) trying to turn Palestine into a jewish state?

And why has the US - for decades - unequivocally supported Israel? Before people get into "democracty and freedom vs dictatorships and oppression", where was / is the US interest in establishing and supporting a jewish state in the middle east?

Where would the Jewish state be established, but in Judea? Even then, 3/4 of the Jewish homeland was given over to create Transjordan.


Wish I'd said that.

Pardon me, don't you think having a functional democratic state is worthwhile? I guess it's not important, unless it's run by a tyrant. Then, anything is OK.

Because Israel is the only place in the world where persecuted Jews can go and expect to find refuge as a right. Given their experiences in the last century they need that. Eretz Israel is their homeland. If Muslims were reduced to a persecuted remnant, and wanted to found a state for Muslims in the Hijaz, in the midst of a Middle East now dominated by Hindus, would they not argue that they should have the right to do that, and would not the people of good will in the world agree that this small plot of land should be theirs? Had the Arabs accepted the establishment of Israel there would have been no war, no refugees (the Jewish government of the time proposed to make Arabs equal citizens with Jews in the new state) and the whole region would have advanced together. Instead the Arabs insisted on playing dog in the manger.

For those who think the US always supports Israel and never helps Arab countries, that's garbage. The US has saved Arabs several times, as well as other Muslims. The US pried Britain, France, and Israel out of Egyptian territory after the Suez campaign when Egypt could not do so. We pulled up Israel at the end of the 1967, 1973, and 1982 wars, preventing them from defeating the Arabs even worse than they were defeated. These cases, I might point out, saved Arab states from the just consequences of their own malevolence, stupidity, and incompetence. Their whines about America are so much taurine excrement.