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weather is here

Sorry for the lack of material today. It was absolutely gorgeous out (75 degrees on November 1st!) and the kids both had friends over. It was a day to stay off of the computer.

It looks most of the blogosphere was away today, anyhow. Did you all have good weather as well?

And while I have you here, what do you think would be a really interesting way for a celebrity to die; say the kind of death that makes one the punchline of late night tv jokes?



Perhaps the last top-down day of the year in
the Boston area, though perhaps we can still


Trip on the red carpet at the Oscars and get impaled on a pair of pointy toe shoes(or armcandy's stilletto heels).

The way Nelson Rockefeller went out was always a classic.

Tripping and falling on the red carpet is good, but being impaled on a "Bush is Hitler" or "Meat is Murder" sign moves it to the sublime.

Sitting in the first row of a yankee world series game, the celebrity is nailed in the head by a Derek jeter line drive.

Gah, I hate you and your lovely weather.

Denver was 85 on Wednesday - by Thursday it was 27 and the roads were iced over. Friday was no better, and today is the first time we're above freezing. And overcast.


We had lovely weather in SC today as well. The leaves are still changing colors here. it was awesome, but hardly what I'd call "summer." Summer is more like 98 and 75 percent humidity.

Spring. It was like spring, only in the fall. :-)

Oddly enough, you may actually have been warmer there than here in Baghdad, where the temperature has taken a sudden turn downward. Refreshing for the day shift, a bit of a bother for overnight guards and such.

As for celebrity death, far be it from me to wish a particular death on anyone, but could appreciate the irony of a multi-millionaire losing one of their multi-acre estates to a fire that might not have been quite so serious if some well-planned thinning of old-growth forest had not been protested quite so effectively.

Hard to beat dying on the can.