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i love a stuffed mailbox

To the very kind, generous person who sent me the Life of Agony CD/DVD from my wishlist: You have no idea how happy you've made me (us). We've watched it twice already.

The live stuff on the discs was recorded at their reunion show at Irving Plaza this year. I could kick myself for not getting off my ass and going to that show; the band sounds great and it's wonderful to see them together again. Kinda makes me wistful for the good old days when when Roadrunner Records had a stable of incredible bands; when I could still mosh; when the radio wasn't full of crappy bands pretending to be hard. And that was only about five years ago or less.

Life Of Agony was one of the best at what they did; they had a totally unique sound and lyrics that could make you feel emotions you didn't know you had. If you like your music hard and you want to check them out, stick to their first two albums, River Runs Red and Ugly. Their last studio album, Soul Searching Sun sucked hard.

Anyhow, most of you probably have no idea who or what I'm going on about. So I'll just say it again to the person who sent it to me (I don't publicize names unless I get permission), thanks so much.


I need a wish list. Hell, I'd be happy with a hand job and some cheetos!

That's a band, right?

Man I need a beg list as well

I like this site