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just asking

Why are people so surprised to find out that women like porn, too?


Why because porn only exists to exploit and subjugate women and/or train men to hate "real" women, of course.

I think the article kind of gets at a good point... women were expected to not like porn because, back in the days before the Internet, if the only chance of getting porn was going into a really sleazy store with the inevitably male clerk... that's an experience that's incredibly uncomfortable (possibly even unsafe) for women.

But with the Internet, everyone can look at porn! Yaay Internet!

Because first we weren't supposed to like sex at all, and now we're not supposed to like it unless there's emotional involvement. It's a revelation to a lot of people that we can be as enthusiastic pigs as men.

...The fact that traditionally porn has all been aimed at men and thus the female performances are usually passive and unconvincing doesn't help, either.

Because we didn't. All the men in porn used to be so ungodly ugly it made your eyes burn.

Yay, Amateurs! And yay, Internet!

For over a generation, both feminists and conservative women like Phyllis Schlafly led campaigns against porn as "degrading and subjugating women."

I think that's the main reason.

I still don't like porn. Mostly because it makes me personally feel cheap. But that's likely just my own personal hangup.

Besides making porn much more accessible to women, the Internet also offers a virtually infinite variety. There are vast quantities of crappy porn out there but if a person can't find something that he or she likes, they're just not trying very hard.

"Pornography sells... sex without love"?
But... I love porn! Ipso facto, presto change-o!

Porn is not a spectator sport.