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here there be wenches

In the nearly three years I've been doing this, I think I've posted two pictures of me here. I'm sure you could find them if you look hard enough, but I won't tell you where they are.

Not only am I not photogenic at all, I am also very self-conscious. But hey, it's Halloween and I'm pretending to be someone else, so why not.

I started off as a Vampiress, but as I lost parts of my costume (the long wig, the big collar thing that made me look Malificent) I realized I looked more like a bar wench than a vampire chick. That's ok with me, because I've always had this secret desire to be a bar wench back in the day when there was no ACLU to sue all the pirates and make them use the phrase "waitperson" instead of bar wench.

I just like the sound of that. Aye, bar wench! Fetch me a bottle of beer! And one for me parrot!

Anyhow, I had a really crappy camera with me, hence the graininess that even Photoshop could not erase. My husband had fun taking the pictures, anyhow.

Enjoy, or whatever.



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Hey, Nice Cleavage!

Oh. Baby. Mmmmmmm.

Not photogenic my butt.

Good Heavens, Miss Victory, you're BEAUTIFUL!


um..somethin be wrong witcho site tonite. are you tinkering wit de layout?

You look good Michele. :)
And I know what's wrong with the layout. The pics of you ended up on the same line as the comment feature making the layout move over.
Just ad a line break after the pics and it should fix it.

heart flutters

Oh and don't forget the pumpkin pictures!

You were a vampire????


Okay, you say you're not photogenic. I'll take you at your word. You will do, however, until photogenic comes along.

The sailors say "Brandy, you're a fine girl
What a good wife you would be...."

Sexy stuff. Bring me a drink, wench! ;)

Not photogenic, my ass. Girl, you look great. Especially with the whole "I crave your blood, let me get you a tankard of grog" thing going on. Dead sexy.

No, wait, Undead sexy!

Oh, lord, what a honey you truly are.

Are there any pictures that your husband had even more fun taking, if you know what I mean? Is there any chance you might post some of those?


My heart went pitter-pat! Wowzer!

Hey I know that hot chick! :)

You are, indeed, a very attractive woman and a gifted writer as well. Quite a package.

Beautiful girls frequently seem to think they're not photogenic.

Your look in that shot is absolutely priceless - grainy or not, that has to be one of the sexiest photos I've seen in a very long time...

Miker, Beautiful girls SAY they are unphotogenic so that foolish men like ourselves will compliment them even more.

And Mrs. Michelle, great pics. You look very witchy!

Nice rack! :-)

I agree with many of the others.
"photogenic" is just another way for a knock-out gorgeous woman to claim she isn't pretty.
You, Michelle, are certainly a gem, and with your writing skills, sense of humor, and definitely your looks, I'd say your husband is a very lucky guy!

Great pic! And please don't be offended, but the first thing I thought was "She looks like the little dead girl all grown up!"

That's the first thing you thought?

Wow, my Jewish Mother Gene just kicked in, Michele. And it's saying, "What, you couldn't manage a smile just once in your life? It's a picture, not a funeral. You'd look so much nicer smiling, even in that silly costume, bubelah."


"You'd look so much nicer smiling"

No way, Meryl. The depth and complexity in the look Michele is giving us in that pic is 1000 times better than some fake generic smile. Just seeing at it again is getting me all hot under the collar. ;-)

I think "hot and bothered" was actually the colloquialism I was looking for there. It's late...

You're georgeous, woman! Arrr, and fetch me some beer ;)

As I've said several times before, not bad tits for an old broad...

can we have haloween more often?

BOO-YAH!!! Send copies to the boys in the one-oh-one and 3rd ID so they can remember what we're fightin' for!

Very nice picture. Nice hair too...not photogenic is a major stretch...