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sugar rush

Wheee! Nothing like raiding the kids' bags when they stop off at home.

Still doing the Halloween stuff. Back with pictures (of me, even!) and tales later on tonight.

Hope you're all having a safe and fun Halloween.


it was the heat of the moment
tellin you what my heart meant
the heat of the moment
shone in your eyyyyyyyyyesssssss

Prolly not the right item to post this, but Michele if you could let your San Diego readers know the following, it will be greatly appreciated:

The difficult decision was made Wednesday morning to cancel Sunday's Komen San Diego Race for the Cure

My wife just called with the bad news, although predictable considering the air quality situation. I would urge any So Cal readers of A Small Victory to find an alternative way of donating to the cause.


-Tim Rice
Recently, formerly of San Diego, now a Virginia resident...

Happy Halloween!!!! God, this is just my favorite day of the year!!!!!