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i think that 80's music counts as horror

And therefore, this qualifies as a Halloween post.

Yea, another 80's lyrics quiz. My sister always told me that knowing Poison lyrics would come in handy some day.

stolen from keith


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True fear comes from the Frankenstien on the door at the place I was volunteering yesterday. It was singing (in a cheesy Frankenstein voice) "Who Can It Be Now".

i got 110.5, and that was only because i spelled like five of them wrong. be afraid.

thanks bunches. now i'll be humming prince songs all day.

45, partially by bad spelling. Sucky.


Let me guess, she was a big U2 fan, maybe?

Also, "Devil Inside" Has both "Makes you wonder how the other half lives" and "... other half dies." So I should get at least 1 more. I said 'lives' and got no credit.

I am a god! Still only got 46.55 points.

I got -30% for being a yuppie. Which is odd. Cause I'm not.

No fair doing the 80s. I quit listening to the radio when disco started.

Well, I actually got 46.4 (partly because of spelling). Not bad for a geezer.

Not that there wasn't some good stuff in the eighties, but man there was a lot of bad crap I couldn't tolerate.

Read it and weep...


And I missed White Wedding, goddammit!

69.5 -- I feel feeble.

After fixing the generation score, 51.

And a ton of head slaps after seeing the answers.

Although was Just Say No post-1983? That's what I put and I certainly didn't grow up to this stuff.

Eh, 10% if I say Church Lady, which is probably more about right.

97.5 Yesssss!

I also pointed out that People Are Strange was covered on the Lost Boys soundtrack.

87.5, partially because of bad spelling, partially because of lack of context.

Oh my. I am more than a little afraid...
I scored 164.85.
And I'm a God!
But didn't Hotel California come out in '77?