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wearing the orange and black

This is an All Halloween Zone. Like Alan, I count the news as something that scares me, so what looks like a news post could really be a Halloween post.

Anyhow, if you are writing any Halloween type stuff today, drop a link in the comments.

And then check out the special Halloween section at Blogcritics.

Oh, and here's my Halloween music mix from 2002.


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As you already know, David and I will be posting some short fictions tonight by various bloggers. Look for the "Sudden Fiction" headings at Babalu Blog and Sketches of Strain.

I'm too busy with hollowing out pumpkins and other preparations to blog much today - just one of the joys of being a full-time father, I guess.

However, the boys insisted I put up at least one post about Halloween.

I have a Halloween poll up as well as my Friday Obligatory Michele post which includes a poem about you. It's not dirty this time but does include the word bitch. Enjoy!

Here is my Halloween post. I think is has the most links ever in a post of mine. Enjoy

I frequently have too much time on my hands at work. This is the result of idle hands, 3 people having a slow workday & someone on ebay selling a haunted wedding dress.

I recorded a cover of the Eyeliners song "Do The Zombie" in honor of today, and I just put the emma-pee-three up on my site. Because I love zombies, and zombies are something you see on Halloween.

Or at least you would, in a perfect, zombie-infested world.

I got my pumpkin' on early and posted this yesterday, but still...
this should fit the criteria.

I thought to myself "Whoa! I gotta post this link for Michele!" when I hit this page

Just 4 little lines...


"Anyhow, if you are writing any Halloween type stuff today, drop a link in the comments." - Michelle

Yup. We're doing our 4th annual online Hallow's Eve Party at 3-D Arena.

Grrr... damn it. Not 30 minutes after I posted that, our host went down. Never mind.