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it's the great drowning pumpkin, charlie brown!

I am definitely making this and putting it outside the house tomorrow. I think I'll try a few of the other sick ideas I found at this site, thanks to Adam.

We get a good amount of trick-or-treaters every year - well over 100 if the weather is good. With tomorrow being a Friday, and good, warm weather expected, I think we'll be mighty busy answering the door and scaring people. My sister and I were trying to think of cool ways to scare the older kids, but I think we are going to make a Ghoulish Pumpkin Garden, with a bunch of the ideas from Extreme Pumpkins.

[5 minutes later] Yep, I just called her and she's all for it. We'll put the pumpkin patch on the lawn on the far side away from the door so we don't frighten the little ones.

If you have any other ideas for simple, easy ways to make freaky, scary or just plain sick pumpkins (like the drowning pumpkin pictured here), fire away. Remember, the more offensive, the better.


Just browse through a Calvin & Hobbs collection for ideas... those were always brilliant.

My favorite one we did, which is extremely dated, was a Laura Palmer pumpkin--wrapped in plastic with a grayish tinge to it.

Well, there's fatal headshot pumpkin (with dripping blood), guillotined pumpkin (in a basket, of course), puking pumpkin (with the seeds and guts pouring out of its mouth), and the obvious pumpkin-with-knife-sticking-out-of-its-head (use a fake knife, or it will get stolen).

Happy Halloween!

Stick a baby doll in it's mouth headfirst and garnish with fake blood. Could mean that the kids wind up spending a few years on the lather couch though.

Aborted fetus pumpkin.