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not for nothing...

But I'm getting tired of shouting, tired of being angry and tired of saying the same things over and over again, in different words.

Aren't you? And aren't you tired of reading it here, there and everywhere? It's all conflict, no resolution. That grates on your nerves after a while.

And I miss my old friends.


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What you said.

BTW, the post you wrote the other day about being 'stuck in the middle' also hit home; however, what was REALLY interesting about the comments was the consensus that everyone else felt they were stuck in the middle, too.

But, when people volunteered where they stood on some of the issues you mentioned (and others) there was absolutely no agreement or consensus at all--and that's the problem. (I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically at the idea that “we’re” all in agreement, except we’re not. Everyone thinks they are reasonable and moderate, but each of us defines that differently, based on our own values/opinions on specific issues.) We're caught up in what "conservative" and "liberal" or "left" and "right" mean to each of us, and using people's self-descriptions (rather than specific issues) as the benchmark for determining agreement. It really doesn't matter what label someone uses to describe themselves--because there is no fixed definition of what any of that means.

If you took a poll of your reader’s opinions on some of the biggies and asked them to pick a label that best described themselves (liberal, democrat, libertarian, centrist, moderate, republican, conservative, etc.) and then asked them where they stood on issues such as abortion, euthanasia, war on drugs, the war on terror, the patriot act, public education, religion/prayer in schools, marriage, death penalty, homosexuality, gay marriage, etc., you'd find that there was no consistency in the labels and the issues.

Speak only of issues and let the labels stay in the cupboard on the soup cans.

Since tomorrow is your favorite holiday, and tonight should be spent gearing up for it, and then you've got the weekend to recover... maybe you should spend from now until Monday morning media free. Blog all you like, but keep it about halloween like you've mentioned. Take a real break - this seems like a good couple of days to do that :-)

It's a paradox. The fact that you're passionate about things you see as wrong is one of the factors that makes this blog a fairly popular destination. But as you just said, being angry too much of the time can wear you out. We should all do what we can, but it's not your job to single-handedly solve all the world's political problems.

The ultimate solution is to simply do whatever makes you happy. It's your blog, your life. If someone gets mad because they think you're spending too much or too little time on any particular topic or category, they're free to go elsewhere.

There'll still be plenty of us who think you're kinda swell.

I'm tired...and sleepy.

You miss the ones who humiliated you? Who betrayed your trust? Who very publicly announced that you were not worth having as a friend because your political views diverged from their own?

I told you that's why I never talk politics, babe. People get angry, fight, stay angry, lose friends, and after all that no one ever changes their mind.

You know I'm still here for you.

In the words of Arnold Horshack:
"Buck up little camper!"

You got new friends, don't forget. Friends that leave you when you change your politics are no friends at all, in my opinion.

Hopefully, we've all got friends to the left and right of us that we don't agree with in many issues but still can come to a resolution in key areas.

I don't agree with you in about 20% of your views, but still love your blog...

"Say something once. Why say it again?

30 Helens CAN'T agree!

30 Helens agree...to disagree!