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the latest in homeland security

UPDATE: The drama is over. There were two people with a toy gun.

Bravo for our nation's security!

< cough >

"We have information that someone with a gun made an unauthorized entrance into the Cannon office building," U.S. Capitol Police spokeswoman Jessica Gissubel told a local NBC affiliate. The man was possibly carrying a .38 caliber pistol, she said.

--Reuters, which is the only source with a link so far. Everyone else just has breaking news headlines.

UPDATE: Fox has more:

Apparently the suspect approached a police checkpoint at the building, set a backpack down and police detected a gun inside the bag. When the suspect realized the gun had been discovered, he grabbed the bag and ran into the building.

Ok, now it looked like a revolver in his bag. And he may or may not have a gun.


Cnn also...got the breaking news flash

sorry ment washington post


Here are the latest updates:

Capitol Gunman Updates

It's not possible for the Capitol Police to come out of this looking good. Considering that one of their own was killed by a gunman at a checkpoint a couple years ago, you'd think they'd be a little more effective.

It's over. It was a toy gun. Apparently they've arrested him at gunpoint, took him away in handcuffs, and they're going to throw him in a cell with a 9-year-old boy.