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free dirty danny II: this time it's personal

From Danny Hellman: "I'm proud to announce the publication of LEGAL ACTION COMICS Volume Two, the long-awaited sequel to 2001's critically-acclaimed LAC Vol.1! Weighing in at a whopping 292 pages, LEGAL ACTION COMICS Vol. Two features contributions from over seventy of the alternative/underground comics scene's top talents, including Art Spiegelman, Kim Deitch, Carol Lay, Skip Williamson, Harry S. Robins, Tony Millionaire, Kaz, Michael Kupperman, Sam Henderson, Glenn Head and many others, plus fiction by "BEE SEASON" author Myla Goldberg."

The esteemed Mr. Hellman not only edited this whopper of a book, but he self-published it as well.

If you are in the New York Area, there will be a signing at Jim Hanley's Universe (4 West 33rd St. (between Fifth Ave. and Broadway) 212-268-7088) on Wednesday, November 19th. Some of the contributors that will be at the signing include Michale Kupperman, Kim Deitch, and the infamous Danny Hellman himself.

You can purchase LAC2 online Last Gasp.

Free Dirty Danny. Buy the book. Do it for Danny. Do it for the children(tm).


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Right on! Underground comics for everyone!

It rocks, (And I'm not just saying that because I'm in it) It's even better than the first and where else are you gonna find Danny's rare minicomic story PEACEFUL ATOM AND THE MYSTERY MICE?