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it's a schooner

So they've seen the sun-flare induced auroras in Texas, Kansas and Georgia.

New York? Nothing. I sat outside and stared at my neighbor's window, pretending the flicker blue light from their television was an aurora.


Maybe I should take Jay's advice:

You know what you need? What you need is a fatty boom batty blunt. Then I guarantee you'll see an ocean, a sailboat aurora and maybe some of them big-tittied mermaids doin' some of that lesbian shit.

Reference, for those who need it.


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I live in Alaska and the auroras were absolutely stunning last night. I wish I had my camera set up for it, but I was missing a shutter release cable.

YEAH!!! I want some damn Aurora, and I want it now!

I had a headache today. Does that count? ;)

Just remember, with Auroras come some damn frigid temps. And though they dance across the sky in the brilliant colors of fire -- blue, red, yellow, they don't give off heat -- in fact they seem to further enhance the chill. That's my Canadian perspective. Brrr

I guess I'll have to make that trip to Alaska one of these days.

Me too Andrea. If they were visible here, I missed them....though I heard the best viewing time in the South was around 3 a.m.

I didn't want to see them that badly.

In an electromagnetics class in college I once gave a presentation on how the auroras work.

But I've never seen them myself. Someday, I swear, I'm going to go to Alaska in winter just to see the auroras. Someday.

I live in Upstate NY and one time we saw a bit of it. It was about 3am. Haven't seen it since.

Can you actually see the sky from your house? It's that thing right above with all those points of twinkling light.... ;-)

I have not seen any in the Houston area?

Someone posted a picture from NY of the auroras. Also in Maryland. [http://science.nasa.gov/spaceweather/aurora/gallery_01oct03_page4.html]

How the hell did that guy in Babylon see that? I sat out there for hours and didn't get a single glimspe.

Yep, we were out looking for it last night, but we didn't see it either. And then, of course, we lost power and I was convinced that it was because of the solar flare thingy and that it would be gone for days... until it came back on ten minutes later and my dad reminded me they're doing construction up the street... ;)

We see them pretty often in northern WI. I slept outside deer hunting one time when it was 2 below and they were so spectacular it kept me up most of the night. It looked like visible Pink Floyd music or something.