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Boxer Mike Tyson hold signs in support of Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant during the Lakers' exhibition game against the Los Angeles Clippers in Anaheim, Calif., Thursday, Oct 23, 2003. This was the first game in which Bryant has played this season. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson) tyson.jpg

This defies captioning.

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Yeah, but who's going to tell him to stop?

Riyadh delenda est!

how 'bout: When asked about the signs, Mike replied; "Us rapists, I mean ALLEGED rapists, gotta stick together.

Mike Tyson tries, unsuccessfully, to prove to the world, once and for all, he's capable of having more than one thought on his mind.

Former boxer Mike Tyson dropped by the Lakers game last night with the final flyer ideas for Lakers star Kobe Bryant's latest public relations campaign. Bryant chose the flyer on the left and Tyson quickly made his way back to Kinkos where he was able to hear the game on the radio.

Mike Tyson offers free samples from his latest venture---a food importing business specializing in fine meats, such as the famed beef from the Japanese city of Kobe, where cattle are fed beer and massaged by hand. Mr. Tyson noted that he enjoyed that sort of thing, too.

His head looks like a crushed cigar butt more and more with each passing year.

Maybe he's just advertising a promotion connected with the "Mike Tyson Steakhouse and Family Fun-timery"!


"Mike Tyson poses for photos for inclusion in the new version of Funk and Wagnall's pictorial dictionary. This photo was chosen to appear next to the word I-R-O-N-Y.

You're right, Michele. It's beyond captioning for being too obvious.

"Uh, gee thanks Mike. Could you move over so we're not visible in the same camera shot? Thanks a lot."

I saw this earlier and wondered if Kobe is hitting his head somewhere against a locker. "Gee, thanks, buddy, for showing your support. Now EVERYBODY knows I couldn't possibly have done it."

Honestly, I wish I had all the access to the information on the trial before I'd make any judgements about whether or not Kobe is guilty.

I think the Free Kobe signs are pretty dumb. He's walking around free. He could still pull a Roman Polanski if they decided he was guilty. I think what that sign translates to is "I don't have access to all the facts, but I'm willing to think that Kobe shouldn't have to stand trial just because he can toss a ball around."

Why are you people hating on mike tyson and kobe? Why are you mad at them?

Jeez, next you'll have O.J. offering to help Scott Peterson hunt down the real killers!

Why are you white people always bringing up oj? You act like he personally did something to you or something.

Why are you white people always bringing up oj? You act like he personally did something to you or something.