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and the punchline is: homeland security

Memo to Tom Ridge:

Maybe before you try to get all high-tech with this facial recognition technology on your wishlist, you should start with something simpler, like keeping boxcutters off of planes.


Yes, but doesn't the technology seem like more fun?

Maybe, but hijackers with boxcutters don't worry me much any more. The passengers would never let that happen again. If the administration wanted to do something about security, they could start with the borders, both north and south.

i say
no one is allowed in
who cant make direct eye contact
thats it


so the best post i have read today.

What Dave said.

A box cutter is not a particularly dangerous weapon to begin with. The reason they were so effective on 9/11 is that no one resisted.

TSA should focus on chemical weapons and explosives.

And while billions are spend trying to make planes safe from terrorists, they will find some other way to strike at the country. Given how prone certain areas are to forest fires, maybe wait for the ideal weather conditions and light a bunch of fires.

What has been the cost of the fires in California? Not that I am suggesting they were started as a terrorist act, but you don't have to be a rocket scientist to think "Hmmm... maybe we could do that too".

Facial recognition surveillance is just our country’s latest innovation to make Americans look like a decapitated chicken. I mean, just what kind of data-bank well stocked with facial features of known terrorists---is currently available that justifies this security-measure's expenditure? I guess overall, old ladies can again feel comfortable not wearing panties to the airport with the reduced possibility of a body search. Homeland Security has a mandate that makes it impossible for it to not drain our national treasury, in a frantic quest to inoculate our bewildered citizens against the symptoms of terrorism rather than addressing the underlying causes of anti-Americanism, and nothing will come of this band-aid policy without anything less than a technological-age Inquisition under the umbrella of the Total Awareness Act. This is an impossible dichotomy in a free country.

There were two rationales cited by the terrorists for jihad---the red carpet given to U.S. military air bases propagated from decades of propping-up the wahabi House of Saud, and our financial support of Israel. We have already made the decision to pull our Air Force out of Saudi Arabia with diplomatic grace. I don’t think we should continue to financially sponsor Israel, a philanthropy that only promotes the image of an American logo next to the Mogen David---decaled on the bullets and on the tanks and on the bombs that the Israeli military uses to execute retaliatory strikes against the intifada---no matter how justified its action may well be. Without U.S. support, fighting between the Israelis and Palestinians is bound to continue unabated. However, history has shown that even “with” American support---throughout how many years already---there has never been a permanent cease-fire. Although the terrorism in Israel should never be condoned---continuing to give foreign aid to Israel will only redirect terrorists to our soil and enlist other nut cases unaligned with anti-Semitism. Israel has become too much of a liability, even as a democratic outpost in the Holy Land, and Homeland Security could certainly improve with better surveillance of our national policy abroad.