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latuff strikes again

My old friend Latuff is at it again [thanks to Dodd for the heads up].

[click for bigger image]

People ask why I keep giving Latuff attention. Simple answer: Because I think hatred needs to be exposed.

Not so simple answer: Because I am fascinated by him, in a repulsive sort of way. Sort of the way one is fascinated with car accidents or serial killers.

Anyhow, this is Latuff's most recent work, presented here for your commentary. Have at it.

If you are unfamiliar with the noted anti-Semite and anti-American artist Latuff, you can see my collection of some of his "best" work right here. [where you can also view a comment from the esteemed terrorist supporter himself] There's also this recent one which I have yet to add to the collection.

If you are really brave, you can see Latuff's complete works here, and all his Indymedia supported work here.


Is anyone else reminded of "Tartuff" by this fellow's moniker and myopia? Probably too kind a comparison.

A few months ago, Latuff got into a row with the NYC Indymedia about his work being censored!

How bad does something from the same political persuasion have to be to get censored at Indymedia??

Heck, I think he's anti-gay, too. Not only is the U.S. Army still operating under the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, but that soldier who got his head blown off in the faux comic book cover has all the tell-tale signs of his sexual preference in the way he's arranged his uniform.

Ignore the shocking explosion of red over his shoulders. Just look at the hems. Look at the boots. The neat crease in the pants. It's just so obvious.

Damn you for gay-bashing, Latuff! Damn you to HELL!

Michele, I think I'm in love for ya.

EVery time someone says "Iraq is another Vietnam", I'm compelled to ask them who's playing North Vietnam, and who's playing the USSR, in this one?

Of course, the real problem is that to them "Vietnam" is purely a symbol; it means nothing more to them than "defeat for the US". The actual history means nothing to them, nor does the savagery of the post-war purges by the Communists.

He might as well just subtitle his work "USA = BAD".

I just think it's instructive that Latuff has absolutely no concerns about, well, Brazil. Just last week, some policemen were arrested for killing 42 people who were trying to expose death squads operating with impunity in that country. That's more people than the Red Cross bombing, but they are Brazilians, so hey, they don't matter. All in all, something like 15,000 people are killed in extra-judicial killing in Brazil every year -- numbers that dwarf any Palestinian/Iraqi claims. But they are Brazilian, so we don't worry about them. There is still slavery on some farms in Brazil, today. But that's just Brazilians, so no harm, no foul.

I use to worry about Latuff. But then I realized that Brazilians are sub-human, and just don't count when human rights are concerned, at least according to Latuff. I am feel much better now.

I think this is wishful thinking on Mr./Ms. Latuff's part. Maybe he/she/it can go on a patrol with our troops. Maybe he/she/it won't come back(this is not a threat, Latuff will run off with the first Saddam loyalist he/she/it meets).

Just the cover again, huh.

Does this guy ever finish anything?

Rhetorical question

Why does Latrine..er Latuff ... use Saddam's flag for the "iraqi resistance?"

In post WWII Germany "american occupiers" were picked off by the "german resistence" aka werewolves.

I guess if Lapuff were around then, he'd use the swastika in the poster labeled "german resistance"

don't hate indymedia, use it. even canadian indymedia has the same problems with spam shit and hate postings popping up all the time. it is open publishing and is VOLUNTEER run. many volunteers don't bother to tread through all the crud. not enought time and energy. indymedia needs all the help it can get to keep a channel open for opposition to the regime.

Has Latuff considered doing an illustrated version of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? I think he'd find it right up his street.

also check out




Well, in a way, there are parallels between Iraq and Vietnam:

Media emphasizing only the bad news, and desperately trying to find evidence of American "atrocities"

A vocal anti-American contingent actively subverting the war effort

Lefties romanticizing murderous scum as the "valiant resistance"

Protesters becoming violent, then screaming about "oppression" when police arrest them (without even delivering well-deserved beatings)