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sound the alarms!

[click for bigger image]Not to sound like an alarmist, but it wouldn't hurt to make a backup copy of everything on your computer right now. In fact, it wouldn't hurt to shut down your computer completely. And all your other electric appliances. And maybe try not drive anywhere tomorrow. Well, fill your car up with gas first. Just in case you do have to drive somewhere. Like that fallout shelter your father built in his backyard for Y2K. Oh, just in case this is really the rapture, I'll meet you all in Vegas when it's all over. And in case this is God just fucking with us I'd like to say right here and that I was just kidding about that atheist stuff, God. If it's aliens, just follow Mel Gibson's lead and throw water at them. And then renew your faith in humanity. But I'm not going to be an alarmist. Not at all. And remember: Soylent Green is people!

[photo from space.com]


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I am going to Denver.

I see we're on opposing sides already

That is so cool looking. Falres eh? This should be fun. I think I still have all my hirricane supplies left over from the hurricanes that never hit.

Brian, everyone going to Denver is boring. Come with us. Fun awaits.

Cool shots...

Denver and Vegas both suck. I am going someplace not too hot nor too cold!

See, God doesn't hate America. He's just striking out at the WHOLE FREAKIN' PLANET!

I'll be heading out through the corn-field with a gunny sack to get some chickens to make for y'all. And I'll stomp on the head of any weasel that gets in my way.


Pass the 3 billion SPF

Have a lovely picture of the Auroral Lights this storm is creating.


Since we were able to look directly at the sun in LA this evening, I saw dark spots where those flares are.

"In brightest day, in blackest night,
no evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil's might,
beware my power.. Green Lantern's light!"

You know, there was a point where I wanted to watch Soylent Green, a film I had never seen.

But now, after seeing that line on SO many blogs, I guess there's no point to seeing the movie at all. Not even for Heston's overacting.

Hey, Meryl, the Sixth Sense is a really neat movie. BTW, the shrink is dead.

You forgot to close the small tag after photo from space.com

Fear not coronal mass ejections!

Back when I worked in the satellite biz, they just meant that entire constellations of LEO birds would drop 50 meters in altitude overnight.

Fear not! Satellite controllers will simply burn itty bitty mouse fart rocket engines. Skipping lunch may or may not be required.

Fear not for Space Station! It may also have to do an unplanned mouse fart. Yeah, it's mouse vent could put a rhino into orbit around Pluto. But, operationally, the principle is the same. "Houston, should we skip lunch over this?"

Fear not power blackouts! Unless you are Canadian...

Heard on the radio this morning that the Aurora Borealis is red and orange--they said it looks like the sky is on fire

Wow, you turned around quickly!

The current sunspot activity is really amazing. They have some great photo's on www.spaceweather.com
Yeah, CME's are not that big of a deal, unless you don't have an atmosphere.

Triticale: Listen, bub, some asshole spoiled The Empire Strikes Back for me. I was in San Francisco covering my college's women's softball team, who had made the nationals. Our hotel was near a movie theater. So some asshole is walking out of the theater across the parking lot while we're heading for our rooms after lunch, and he says, "Wasn't that amazing about Darth Vader being Luke's father?"

Totally blew the movie for me. I was so angry... now that I think of it, he was a teenaged boy. Bet he did it on purpose.

Then there was the dick sitting behind me during "The Sting" who chose to tell his girlfriend during the MOST critical scene in the movie, "It's okay, he's not really dead. It's all part of the sting."

I no longer let anyone sitting near me talk at all during films. In fact, I rarely go to movies, and when I do, I try to go on days/nights when few others go there.

And I try to bring a very large male friend with me to glare at them, so that when someone starts annoying me, I can lean over, put my hand on his arm, and say, "Bill, please don't. You know what happened last time. I can't afford to bail you out again."

The teenaged boys behind us that particular time got up and moved far, far, away after that.

Razzafrazzarazzafrazza. Damned kids. Damned movie spoilers.