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Pardon the larger font size. I'm getting too old to be trying to read 12 px font.


Bah...old...please! =)

Those that don't like it can always use their browser options to change their default font size.

But it is true - what I was told as a kid - that masturbation does send you blind. I stopped before it was too late - it just made me short sighted.

Most blogs (and especially comment boxes) are too small in the font - Ctrl-+ is your friend. (I don't make it the default because the layout of some web pages depend on the font size - an HTML coding error, true, but some people do it.)

Make no apologies! Big type = good. (Oh... have I just outed myself as an old guy?)

Thank you! Now I can actually read your blog. That one little change makes it much more interesting.

We of the hardening eyeballs salute you!

Yowsa yowsa yowsa! Mongo like big type.

applause No hard feelings about font increase here, and I'm only 33. I have to increase the font size on many blogs, especially those that insist on using 8-9 point font sizes. I know I have to wear glasses and that my laptop's resolution is rather high, but my eyes scream. They scream!