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a vote for no is a vote for my conscience!

I mean, seriously. What kind of idiot very sweet guy [who is going to a Gaiman/McKean signing this week] would have a poll on his website that asks his readers to determine whether or not he should eat a bug?

So, I need you all to do me a favor. Go over there and vote no. See, last time D went to a Gaiman signing, he and his beautiful wife girl got goodies for me and sent them all the way to my home from England. And they didn't ask for anything in return even though I had promised him something in return but have yet to mail the package. D said that he would try to get me something signed by both McKean and Gaiman - possibly a copy of Wolves in the Walls this time and I am afraid that if his readers choose for D to eat a bug, all will be lost because D will get violently ill or something worse and then he won't be able to go to the book signing.

Well, yes. I am asking you to help me alleviate my guilt. Vote No on Referendum Bug! And leave a comment so he knows you were there because I sent you. Then read the rest of his blog because he's very smart and clever and funny and is in the running for one or two of the British Blogs Awards.


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I think the boy's been watching too many Cal Worthington commercials.

If he's going to eat bugs, send him down here to the art department here in the basement. We're totally infested with stupid red bugs. I step on about 50 a day and they crunch like autumn leaves. (Though unfortunately they ooze red juice too) As I look upon the squished carnage, I am often lead to think "What a waste of protein...if only we could feed a hungry person with these bugs."

I got to have sushi and talk with the man for two-and-a-half hours, right before he left for Europe a month ago. Neener-Neener! ;-)

OK, so I'm taunting. Throw the little yellow flag and move the ball 15 yards. :-P

Maybe I can get Neil to eat a bug with me...

I'm thinking that might come under the heading of "scary fan - SECURITY!"

Taunting not allowed. Go to box. Feel much shame.

Pix, I think it would take a lot more than D to scare Neil. Well, depends on what kind of bug we are talking about.