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know your enemy

I linked to Healing Iraq yesterday and I hope all of you who haven't been there before went and checked it out.

If not, here's a taste of today's blog. Zayed is pissed.

I demand that all Iraqi diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia and Syria cease immediately. I demand that we expel all foreign Arabs from Iraq until further notice. A little firmness is necessary. We can't just sit and wait for the next attacks. Iraq should resign from the Arab League which is just a symposium for dictators.

Zayed, blogging from Iraq, understands who the real enemy is. Go read the rest.

And then go check out Scott, who fact checks an MSNBC article about Iraq.


thanks for the link to another great blog. this, along with the big white guy link, is another place to read and enjoy every day.

Excellent blog and an excellent idea from Zayed.