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about that shaving cream

Owen asks (in today’s Halloween post) what the purpose of “shaving cream in a sock” is for.

Basically, the kids fill the socks with shaving cream and then proceed to chase each other through the streets, whacking one another with the socks. Eventually, everyone is covered from head to toe in shaving cream. It sounds ridiculous but trust me, they are having fun.

When I was young, it wasn’t as harmless as shaving cream. The boys would fill the socks with Nair and then chase the girls around. To a girl who was obsessed with her hair, Nair was far scarier than any zombie or ghost. Of course, the small amount of Nair that ended up on our heads wouldn’t really do any damage, but we didn’t know that. Terror, I tell you. Those boys were terror.

Well, the girls weren’t any better. We put flour in our socks. And beat the boys with them.


Socks ? What do you need socks for ? We lit the nozzle on a can of shaving cream on fire, melted it, and then poked a hole in it with a pin. Instant 10 foot rocket of shaving cream.

You with your short range sock 'o cream and me with my long range attack can o' cream ? That fight's over before it begins!!!


Back in the days before CDs (yes, I'm dating myself here), we used to fill up old LP covers with shaving cream, slide the open end under someone's dorm-room door and then jump on the cover, thereby propelling big wads of shaving cream all the way across the room.

Also? After consuming much egg nog right before Christmas break, we'd pour Bacardi 151 under someone's door and light it, but these days that'd bring the sprinklers, if not the police, down on your own head.