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nonsense break

[I just needed a current events/news hiatus for the rest of the evening]

You all thought I forgot about that time when I asked you all for song lyrics that asked questions, right? I told you I would use them in the future. Like now.

Tonight's question comes from Dreama:

What will you do when he's dead?

Who "he" is, is up to you. Answer in any way you see fit.


Take Viagra.


Dance on his grave. Literally.
In a red dress.

"Yes, God did exist. He died. He was very small. Mystery solved!

The world has a brief period of mourning.

And then it's business as usual, on the streets and highways that God built."

(Sorry, couldn't resist a little Kids in the Hall -- it's the first thing I thought of.)

ummmm....eat him?

"Timothy, Timothy..." (oh, sorry)

Sorry, but the only upcoming death we have any plans about is that of a female. Once her ex-husband has moved the kids back to his house, we will clean out the apartment we were letting her stay in, move there, and sell off the big house.

Toss his body out in the woods.

Decapitate him and put his head and his body in deep freeze until they can find a cure for whatever killed him, or clone him, whatever.
Then, in the middle of the night, steal the head and play a round robin soccer tournament.