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presented without (much) commentary

Meet Grace Phelps-Roper, 11 and Lydia Phelps-Davis, 10. They are the grandchildren of Fred Phelps, noted hate mongerer and "religious" man. Fred flew his grandchildren all the way from Kansas to Long Island so they could stand out in front of Mepham High School with signs such as the one they are holding in the photo. 11 and 10 years old. They don't stand a chance.
[photo from newsday.com]

UPDATE: Here's another disturbing picture. Did you know that God blew up the space shuttle?

More pictures here.

UPDATE 10/28: For those coming here from various links: If you'd like to know the back story behind Fred's visit to Long Island, you can read all of my posts about the Mepham hazing story here. I've been covering it since the beginning.


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I wonder what God thinks of Canada then...

TO be fair to those of us who hail from other parts of the state, he flew them all the way from Topeka Ks. Long established as the rank armpit of an otherwise unappealing state.

That Phelps guy is a philosophical soulmate to Al-Qaeda.
Using kids in that way to further your own power-mad aspirations is beyond despicable...

Kinda falls in line with the manipulated kids in Palestine that are taught "God hates Israel (and America too!)"

Very sick and disturbing, indeed.

I dunno--I kind of have the feeling these two are going to be heavily tattooed and pierced, and maybe even serial flunkers of drug screens, by the time they are twenty.

I have no evidence to offer in support of of this prediction. Just call it a hunch.

Feh. God hates everyone. Deal with it.

He's advocating putting up a monument in Casper, Wyo. with a plaque to Matthew Shepherd, too. The plaque will read something like "Here's where Matthew Shepherd died and went to hell." From NPR's ATC; no link yet available.

Ewww. That 100-yard, emotionless stare reminds me of the kids in the movie Children of the Damned, which in this case is a very apt descriptor.

Either donations or publicity are not meeting goals this month.
Good publicity as well as training up the grandkids in family business.

Naseauting. Simply naseauating. Do these people have any understanding of the difference between violent crime and consensual sex? I'm ill.

Bet one or both of them is pregnant by the time they're 18.

Somebody keep track of this -- I couldn't be bothered.

God blew up the Space Shuttle?

If these obvious rocket scientists are referring to the loss of Columbia last February, they are a day late and a dollar short. A crazy cabal of Islamists gave that credit to Allah before the first fire in north Texas was extinguished.

May NASA declare a Fatwah against these idolators!

I'm confused. What does "God Hates America" have to do with Mepham High School? I could understand a "God Hates Sodomizers" sign....

Being from Kansas, I will have to check out Matt's blog. To be fair, I think Wichita is even more of an armpit than Topeka. (The rest of western Kansas should just bloody well be written off.)

Don't those pathetic people read their own Bibles? Don't they remember the part where Jesus told them, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone?" Pharisees all, whited sepulchers...

I am a Christian , conservative enough to make most people look like unitarians and there is not one cell in my body that understands these lunatics....NO concept of grace and mercy, which is the cornerstone of my faith. I would make book that 95% of these guys are 1) closeted or 2) going to the nearest big city to visit prostitutes/strip clubs,or 3)have a porn collection stuffed under their bed or 4) some other sexual proclivity. THis behavior is based on self-loathing pure and simple.

Actually, I understand that Fred Phelps is not a natural born Kansan.
Kansas is actually a quite lovely state. I'll be happy to send some beautiful pictures to anyone who asks. Please don't judge us all by one group of idiots, who should probably get no press whatsoever - then maybe they would all go away!

To answer Andrew's question: Fred called Canada a "monsterous sodomite whorehouse masquerading as a nation".

I want to put that on the $20 dollar bill.

What Debbie and Beth said. We probably should note that the guy can't have anything resembling a following if he needs to use his grandkids for this. So he's really nothing more than a random nutboy and representative of nothing save himself.

Okay, I'll be the killjoy here.

I think the posting/distribution of these images serves to fuel the moronic Fred Phelps. It's quite obvious that he does what he does solely to get a rise out of people (how many positive outreach ministries bear Phelps' name? None?), so it's clear that Phelps is at least partly successful when the unadulterated horse manure he peddles gets broadcast and rebroadcast all over the planet.

I think the best response to Phelps and his ilk is not outrage, not counter-protests, not even polite discussion of his message and tactics - rather, we should turn our backs and walk away. Whether or not Phelps gets the message, he will at least be unable to avoid the truth: That he's preaching to himself.

One objection:

Do we have to show these kids faces? I think they should be blanked out. Why set thee kids up for national ridicule, when it is their father who deserves it.

This is all too weird.

Fred's game is to go into liberal-leaning communities and push hot buttons til he's either arrested or assaulted, then sue the local government, who usually just pay up.

Phelps is not from Kansas, he's from Mississippi (which is subject to a crude joke, too). I'd love to see him and General Boykin into a match. They're both a bunch of NIV waving fanatics, though Boykin is a General and will probably have some high speed way of dispatching Phelps.

Besides, I figured a guy like Phelps would be against hyphenated surnames.

Don't forget that Phelps used to be a bosom chum of Al Gore - invited to the '92 and '96 inaugurations. See http://cjonline.com/webindepth/phelps/stories/110400_phelpsgore.shtml for one.