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here, there and everywhere

Citizen Smash has all you need to know about the California fires, with plenty of links, photos and current information.

BigWig has an Afterlife Dormitory Roommate List. It must be hell, because I see that Tom Tomorrow is bunking with Jack Chick.

And I'd like to take this moment to profusely thank the kind readers who sent items from my wishlist. Today we received a Lileks book, an Art Speigleman book and a Porthishead DVD. You all rock. Thank you so much.

And now, it's time (actually it's way overdue) for another episode of Whore Yourself. Got something you want people to read? Drop your link in the comments. Got something to say? Say it.My casa is your casa. Until someone pees in the pool. And then you're all out of here.


I'm one hell of a kisser. Any takers? Bring a music player with the song I mention.

Have a nice day Michele. Who knows, maybe you want to try the song too.

Got the writer's itch? Forget the Denorex... what are you waiting for?

A good news story that everyone missed:

A heroine in the wars against terrorism

There's also a bad news story that everyone missed.

The leader of the Lebanese Progressive Socialist Party wishes Wolfowitz had been killed.

The US embassy wasn't too happy with his comments.

You should do a fundraiser, like some of the other bloggers.

You asked for it... A whorefest of pitiful blogging courtesy of the Bonfire of the Vanities.

BTW the new MT-Blacklist v1.5 is out. Here's a quick link. I'll be stoping by tonight to update your installation.

One of your many man slaves...