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found that elusive rainbow

Chief Wiggles is being justly lauded for his efforts with Operation Give - Toys to Iraq.

There's a press release at CENTCOM, an article on the DoD's Defend America website and he will be on MSNBC's Scarborough Country tonight [10pm EST].

Go to the Operation Give website to find out how to participate.


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MAybe I'm just a tad cynical - but why aren't the US leftie blogs falling all over themselves supporting this, to help alleviate the "US military is just a pack of warmongering babykillers" meme?

Oh, wait. (Whap!) Never mind...

There might be a rainbow here, but I wouldn't count on it. About ten minutes ago, the sky got really dark, the wind kicked up, and the clouds moved in. Now it's pouring.

No, it's stopped.

Okay. I'll keep the digicam ready to go, and if I see a rainbow, it's yours.

Or maybe I'll just take a picture of the really pissed-off squirrel in the tree out back. He seems to be annoyed at the rain. Wow, they really twirl their tails when they get mad, don't they?

I sent an email to Dean, but I'll ask you too, Michele. Can we send copies of the press release to our local media outlets? Also, do you have a flyer that can be printed out with the new information on it?