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phelps comes to town

I decided to drive past Mepham High School anyhow, just to see what was going on. It was hard getting near the circus at all, but I did manage to see a few of Phelps's henchmen holding up their disgusting signs. One sign said "God Bless 9/11." Unfortunately, I forgot to put a disc in my camera before I left the house. I'm sure I'll be able to find some on the local news sites later.

So I listened to Curtis and Kuby on my way to work and they were doing a telephone interview with a son of Phelps. Kuby asked him about the 9/11 sign and how that pertains to Mepham. Phelps replied that 9/11 was God's way of telling us that homosexuality is abhorent, in so many words.

He was asked how he could equate homosexuality with a hazing incident. Phelps explained that parents and teachers let the children know at an early age that being gay is ok, so of course, these kids went and sodomized someone.

What Phelps and his family and followers fail to realize is that this had nothing to do with homosexuality at all. As I've stated before, it was about power and humiliation. It's too bad that Phelps believes that the reason for all the bad things in the world is the proliferation and sinfulness of being gay. The real reason the world is going to hell in a handbasket is because of people like him who preach hate and intolerance and pass that hate on from generation to generation.

If anyone is spreading evil around the world, it's Phelps.


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Do people like Phelps also hate straight folks, because straight sex encourages men to rape women? Interesting "logic" he's using.

I'll wager his group doesn't believe that nonsense anyway. But, they ARE scared to death of homosexuals, and that incident is serving them well as an excuse to celebrate hatred while calling themselves Christians.

You clearly understand that. I guess I just love to type.

If anything, it proves the reverse of those claims. If the most abhorrent thing they can do to someone is to sodomize them, that says a boat load about how they view the practice.

No doubt the Phelps Follies consider the Twin Towers a huge gay phallic symbol -- two straight, hard towering penises standing side by side.


My sister lives in Topeka Ks where this Phelps guy calls home. They have tried everything in the book to shut him up but can't be done because he cleverly follows the law. Anyone in
topeka who has dared to publically denounce him
is harrassed by him. He digs up all kinds of dirt on his opponents and publishes it and that kind of garbage.

I saw his crowd once while visiting my sister.
I was never so offended and disgusted by the
X rated signs. I wanted to stop the car and get out and yell at him but my sister said no. He would take down my car license and start harrassing me.

I am an evangelical Christian. I can assure all
that the Christian community does not embrace this man's obsession with homosexuality. In eight years attending my church, I have never heard one word from the pulpit on this subject.
I've never heard any one bring it up in discussion. I myself, have a dearly loved niece who after severe childhood sexual abuse starting at age 8, two divorces has now found happiness and love in a lesbian relationship. Her partner is a wonderful woman. Neither do I or anyone in my family begrudge her a little bit of happines after such traumatic childhood. I know that the only person who I can judge is myself. Other
issues of spirituality, evil vs good, scripture
interpretation, etc is strictly between the each person and God. I can only try as best I can to live as I believe God wants me to and leave others to work out their life's path and their own relationship with God by themselves.

Also I wanted to add that this Phelps crowd is made up of mostly his children, grandchildren and a few outsiders. I think they only number about 30 people. He has been here where live a couple of times during the 90s. I have always felt that if no one paid any attention to him,
he would eventually quit his evil disgusting
protest appearances. Unfortunately, this is a big country and when a community for the most part has bever heard of him, when he shows up the media is right there to give him the attention and noteriety that he feeds on.

I didn't mean to go on and on about this but words can't really express how much I loathe this man. I truly believe he an evil spirit in the flesh.

sweartagawd, Phelps is a perfect, living, breathing example of the old saw "only the good die young".

I wish that guy would just expire, already.

If anyone wants more proof of what a total scumbag Phelps is, check out the unauthorized biography ADDICTED TO HATE. It's all over the internet, you can find a copy here: http://blank.org/addict/ . I guess it must have come as a relief to his family when he started spending more time attacking gays and less time abusing them.


I suppose it's no coincidence that the fundamentalists who cite the biblical account of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah as justification for hating homosexuals don't seem to realize that, if you actually read the passage (Genesis 19:1-25), what the men of Sodom and Gomorrah were planning wasn't consensual homosexual activity, but rape.

Michele, just a heads up, ESPN's doing a 4-part series on hazing, in particular, Mepham.