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everybody knows you're cranky

I woke up in a cranky mood today. No reason except for a bad night's sleep, which was probably brought on by those Elvis sandwiches I ate last night.

I spent a good portion of the day whipping encouraging my children while they did their chores. Once the house was clean and the kids were outside with friends, I decided to bury myself in the preparations for my novel instead of biting the heads off of small kittens and terrified husbands.

The novel writing itself starts in six days. I am going to do this. Not only am I going to finish the novel, but it's going to be good. I am putting everything I have into this; there will be the ghosts of 10,000 unfinished stories watching over me as well as the spirits of a million different ideas and the legacy of my procrastination, fear and laziness.

Everybody Knows You're Crying may not be the next Great American Novel, but it will be a novel and it will be mine.

You can check my progress over at the blog I set up just for this purpose. Today, I talk about the main character. Some of you just may recognize her.


I'd join in the festivities, but other than the outline I wrote for the amazingly short story Ultimuttum (Man's Best Friend, Man's Worst Enemy), I have absolutely no novel-worthy story ideas.

Wowie, wow. Good luck with the writing! It's tough to write fiction, for me, anyway. Kudos! :)

Wow, what a great title. Go for it.

In Thailand, the default toast (like the Anglosphere 'Cheers') is "Chok Dee". It means "good luck'.
So (raising a glass) "Chok Dee, may you win that contest!"

Maybe your example will help me kick-start the research for my book idea on the history of U.S. wars with Islam. It's been going on longer than the past 30 years.

Same here...I've got so many unfinished ideas...today, though everything came together for one of them...it all makes sense now, I've been floating on a verbal high all day and shouting at my roomate to turn off the damned TV, no, I don't want to watch The Matrix Reloaded. Good luck...I'll buy a copy!

Argh. I signed up for NaNoWriMo too, but now that the pressure's on, I have no idea what I'm going to write about... everything I like to write is completely un-novelish... I'd rather do 50K words of short stories... ;)

It's a daunting task - I admire you for taking it on.
Best of luck!