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heart attack hotel

We've been talking about this for a long time. We have discussed doing it, how we would do it and what we would need to do it. We talked about the pros, cons and dangers involved.

Tonight, I took the leap and did the thing that Justin has been wanting to do for ages.

We made Elvis sandwiches. Fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Yes, fried.

And we ate them.

And lo, they were good.

Ladies and gentlemen, my clean arteries have just left the building.

[Hey, at least we didn't use the super-saturated arteries recipe that called for bacon]


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That stuff won't hurt you if it's a rare treat. It's living on it that will get you.

No bacon grease? Just like a yankee. I'll bet you don't like grits either.

Don't get me started on the grits argument. I actually love them.

With butter? Aren't they just the food of the gods when you mix in about a cup of delicious real butter? Yummm....

And to think I was pondering going on the Adkins diet. Then again, I could eat the butter....

Everything tastes good with butter. Even butter.

say hello to the new World Series Champions Marlins

Any bets on first yankees to be fired/traded?

Bravo Michele! This design is your best one yet!

My favorite restaurant in Boston (Delihaus), which no longer exists, used to serve these under the moniker "The Velvet Elvis".

One of those, a plate of knishes and a Hefferweisen... Mmmmm.

Man, I miss that place.

I have the perfect dessert to complement it. The ever so deadly Double Chocolate Gooey Butter Cake.

It's a 13×9 cake that contains (among other ingredients) two whole sticks of melted butter, a pack of cream cheese, and an entire box of powdered sugar. You can actually see people go into a diabetic seizure while eating it.

And the pumpkin version is just as deadly, but in an Autumn kind of way.

you skipped the bacon? That's the best part!
When we were little, the nuns at school gave us bacon and peanutbutter sandwiches on toast.

Never mind the peanut butter ? but do put in the bacon. Buttered toast with bacon and banana in the middle. Much better than peanut butter and banana... sheesh... takes you weeks to get that unstuck from the roof of your mouth!