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witness the madness


If there's a protest in DC, Anna is there to bring you right into the mouth of madness.

See more pictures like the above with great commentary over at the bunny's place - requisite Bush/Hitler comparison sign included.


But we dare not question their patriotism! Dissent is all-American!

See, this is why I leave town when all these idiots descend!

Well, this and the prospect of playing with puppies all day...

Really, I think they should have held the Marine Corps Marathon to today instead of tomorrow, that way all these moonbats could have been trampled...then they'd have something to whine about!

"But we dare not question their patriotism! Dissent is all-American!" Well... I don't question my patriotism either, that's why I want to sniper a few of the SOB's!

Great coverage of the "protest" plus the AoD and bunny pictures to boot!