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told ya

I'm about to give up on the viewing of the protests, but I just want to make one final (maybe) statement:

I defy anyone to tell me that this wasn't an anti-Bush, anti-America rally.

The war and bringing the troops home are just afterthoughts.

Just like I predicted.

UPDATE: Who knew Viggo was a poet?

Dream of children with their heads still on??


Smart move, continue to take Chris's advice throughout the weekend... Not sure it's playing in LI, but my FOX station is showing Nightmare Before Christmas as a better alternative to what's on C-SPAN.

Yeah, I know you've probably got it on DVD... BTW, am I the only person that will watch a movie which I "surfed" upon that: includes cuts of scenes, dubbed over dialog and long commercials breaks, even though I've got the movie on video or DVD? What causes this behavior?

Damn. I missed Viggo?

Hey, he's a looney tune, but my, is he nice to look at.

Here's a tip for all you protesters: If you have a thick foreign accent to begin with, it behooves you to speak slowly and clearly. Shouting merely turns your words into the following: "Blah, blah blah, blah blah, Bush bad, blah, blah blah, blah blah, stop war!"

I'm just sayin'.

viggo was married to Exene Cervenka for a while (of X). He tries to write X songs, now.

Haha.. you got me into watching it now. You suck! Any way, I cannot help but laugh. After all the anti-capitalist rhetoric, they brought out collection barrels and started begging for money!

Yes, I knew Viggo was a poet and caught up in the anti-war movement. But he is heart stopping in TTT. So, in this case, I can overlook it.