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Answering a ton of emails all at once:

1. I will have a slew of links and commentary about the Mepham case later today.

2. Yes, I have toned down my baseball blogging. I told you that, for me at least, the World Series would be totally anti-climatic after that series with Boston. I'm still watching and still cheering, but the urgency just isn't there.

Any other questions?


Urgency isnt there? I think you may only have 9 innings left of urgency this season.


Val, my point is they look like shit and the Marlins are outplaying them in every way.

In the first eight innings, maybe.

What a great position to be in: not feeling the urgency to win the World Series even though your team is in it. It's an alien concept for us fans of other teams.

My question is, Is the urgency gone because, for the Yankees and their fans, winning the World Series has become commonplace? In the last three decades they have won the World Series more often than they have defeated the RedSox in the ACLS.


I don't think the Yankees look like shit. Every game played in the World Series has been excellent. I've seen more than a few interviews where Yankees fans have said the same thing, that it's anti-climatic, but I don't get the how so. It's the Worls Series. Sure, the Yankees are playing what all believe to be an inferior team, but still, the standings speak differently.

For me, as a Marlins fan, this is the best scenario for a World Series. Not only did we get to the dance, but we're dancing with the hottest babe.