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chris pirillo's happy friday (pants optional)

Chris says:

It's your duty to be thrilled about something in your life, and then put those feelings into action.

I am thrilled that my kids no longer go to their father's every weekend (his choice, his loss) so I am going to act on that by playing Monopoly with DJ (he just loves to kick my ass) and then starting a Simpsons jigsaw puzzle with him and my husband.

I would do something with my daughter, but she's 13 now (oh, excuse me. 13 and 1/2) and she is at that age where she prefers the company of her friends to the company of her family. Like we have cooties or something.

I'll be back with some Ted Rall photoshops after DJ falls asleep. Unless I fall asleep before him.

Now, go take Chris's advice. Be happy, act happy.


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You are very lucky. What a wonderful woman you are and what a wonderful family you have. I used to cheat at Monopoly by hiding money under my butt. just my two cents

I'm thrilled that the formatting of my hard drive was successful after my wife downloaded 3 viruses and corrupted the entire operating system. I am putting my feelings into action by reinstalling 3 years worth of crap back onto the computer.

Chris, Miss you on CFH. Just found your site. Is everything OK? In your postings, you seem a bit down. What happened?? I saw you on the CFH-a-thon, and you seemed fine then. You really know your shit techwise, and you can explain solutions in a way that any idiot can understand. Whatever problems you have can be overcome. I know because I've been there. Hang in there, hope to see you on TV soon.