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bitchslap ted rall: the pre-bitchslapping photoshop contest

I'm going to deviate from the usual Friday takedown of my favorite whipping boy, Ted Rall. Instead of rebutting his weekly column, I am going to take on this interview with Ted in the Las Vegas Mercury.

Time constraints do not permit me to do a proper bitchslapping at the moment; that will have to wait until later.

Meanwhile, I would like to offer you this picture of Ted Rall and beg you to do something, anything with it. Make me proud. There's a prize in this one.

Actually, the photo is below. I didn't want his mug on the front page of my site.



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Not very nice. If you dislike him so why do you continue to read him? Will you be posting ur pic soon?

All you need to know about old Ted is this paragraph:

"I'm an absolute Marxist when it comes to economics," he says from New York. "I don't believe a CEO does any more work than a janitor. All labor is worth the same. I've worked under many a CEO in my life, and these guys are not smart. "

Hey, uh, Ted, in case you weren't aware, that little economic theory has been tried. A LOT. And failed - MISERABLY. If CEOs were so damn stupid, those companies would go out of business. If you don't like it, then start your own business.

By the way, it looks like he's already done that. I wonder how Ted would then feel if the Government came to take HIS money away and give it to a janitor, otherwise making $6 / hour. What a moron.

Hey Citizen - lighten up.

Besides, Ted Rall is not beyond making fun of people for profit. I just do it for fun.


I think this is a good opportunity to remind readers about tiny ted's inclusion as a member of the four horsepersons of the idiopocalypse.



I just think that taking his picture and doing things to it is kinda mean. Sorry

I think it's mean of Ted to say "Bush is the most repulsive turd I've ever seen in American politics, and he must be defeated at all costs."
Like Mom always said - don't dish it out if you can't take it.

Mom also said two wrongs dont make a right...but whatever works for ya

He looks so pathetic to be so vile. You'd think he'd at least be frothing, or have a forehead-tattoo that says, "I'm what's wrong with America".

Notice how he's leaning to his left...

My mom's probably never read Rall, but if she ever did, she'd say "What an asshelmet. You should get his picture, photoshop it into something funny, and put it on the internet."

Citizen: Ted deserves whatever he gets. Have you ever read any of his screeds? Have you ever seen any of his comics? He is vile, contemptuous, mean and nasty.

shee. who's got their panties in a bunch?

which reminds me, when i first moved to NYC, i lived on east 7th street... for some reason, rall was offering old books of his through the mail. i wrote him that since he actually lived just around the block from me, i could pop on over and pick up the book, saving postage. i think he thought i was stalking him.

of course, at that time (1997ish), I didn't know he was an asshat.

I don’t know why, but something about Rall’s expression reminded me of the pitchfork guy in American Gothic.

Rall made that ‘widows of 9/11’ cartoon because he thought Marianne Pearl and others should be criticized because he thought they weren’t mourning they way he thought they should. He’s a Marxist who has absolute contempt for anyone who doesn’t share his point of view, a group that includes nearly all Americans.

He pretends to be laid back and 'rad' - what a joke.

This entry comes from someone named Hooser.


Actually it's not safe for humam consumption.

Dont' say I didn't warn you.

View image

Why is Osama fucking Artie Johnson from LAUGH IN?

That's what I call throwing down the gauntlet!

This is work safe, but apt to scare children and new york artists.


Concerned Citizen, Photoshopping someone's picture is an old and time-honored tradition. See www.fark.com for a billion examples. Michele did not make this up.

Oh come, now, concerned citizen, you can't possibly honestly say you've never done something even as simple as this: aaargh, matey .

This PIC is NSFW.

The Carville & Matilin of the Zoloft Generation

Hey "Concerned Citizen" how come you don't enter either your email address or web page? Everyone else seems to have no problem owning up to their views being expressed. Why not you?

DAVE- Just my 2 cents, but I really don't have a problem if someone doesn't want to leave their email or url, and that's their right. It's possible they don't have a webpage, and many people don't like to give their email addresses out due to spam or privacy concerns. To me, when it comes to blog comments or other online forums, what you say is a lot more important than who you are or how I can reach you. If, however, the owner of a site doesn't like "anonymous" comments, they can certainly configure their site not to accept them.

Not trying to be a jerk, just offering a different view.

drat. i tried to do a trackback from mine but it no workee.

Would it matter if I left I email or webpage address? I just didnt think it was nice to do. But what is is so thats all.

MATT's is best so far. Steve H of www.littletinylies.com and I were classmates of Rall's in college and almost published him in our underground humor rag. Divine intervention made our mag go under before we were humiliated by official association with him in print.