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the eyes of the sun

Watch out for that sun.

CNN's alarmist headline - Big solar blast may rattle Earth today - is probably causing some people to run for their basements and others to get ready for the rapture.

And somewhere, someone is trying to reach Bruce Willis and Steve Buscemi.

Relax. At most, your cell phone won't work. Though I realize that is a problem for those of you who forgot how to use a landline.


How about a better date, like late 2004?

What's a landline?

LOL @ Mrs. du Toit

My thoughts (almost) exactly!

People still use landlines??? :-o

Hell, I know a guy who still has a ROTARY PHONE.

:faints in shock:

hahaa my first thougth was "a landline? what is that?"

i don't even have a landline anymore...!

hey...its a good way to get rid of endless telemarketing calls.

it's Bush's fault, you know.

or let's blame John Ashcroft, the Patriot Act, or industry, or car emissions, or capitalism, or the Burger King in Baghdad, or the Israelis (the JEEEEEWS!), or America, or the recall election, or the 2000 (s)election, or lack of support for Kyoto, slack CAFE standards, radon, or....

Heh, I got rid of my landline 3 years ago. :)