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stand and deliver: Presented Without Commentary

My friend Carol just sent me this. It's today's edition of Presented Without Commentary.

Celebrity mental health patient Adam Ant has been all over the UK tabloids with his newversion of his 80s hit Stand and Deliver. Called Save the Gorillas it's a charming plea on behalf of the Dian Fossey foundation. But what we really enjoyed is this unplugged style video showing Adam really enjoying recording the song. He looks really chipper.

You can view Adam singing the song here.


To think...there was a time when I would have fucked him without question.

Apparently there's good eatin' in antland.And I dig the warpaint with glasses look.But good for him,he looks in decent health physically.

Wow, I've never seen anything so mercilessly stripped of its innate charm since the live-action "Grinch."

HA! I agree w/ the first comment! That made me laugh out loud! I wonder if he makes those monkey sounds....

OMG! My wet dreams just became nightmares...... twitch twitch

Oh, I think he still looks kinda cute. And he is in good voice.

Bwhahahahaha, Stacy!

Well, hell. I admit I'd probably still shag the hell out of him. The good news is I wouldn't be so shy about my not-so-svelte figure.

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