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more on the DOS attacks

From Peeve Farm comes an English translation of the Arabic website that praises the attacks.

The funny thing is, I did a phone interview today with Newsday's tech reporter about the whole situation and we talked more about the affect of the DOS attacks from a blogging point of view, rather than a "terrorist attack" point of view.

Yet now that I see the URL to this site on that page - a page that says No god except Allah is Mohammad the God's Messenger - I suddenly have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

As I said to Ironbear, who sent me the email that made me aware of this page, part of me wants to bait these people, to go on a blogging rampage posting about things that would infuriate them.

And part of me wants to run.

I'm not overstating this and saying, yeah, it's a terrorist attack! No, I'm just feeling creepy that I've been pointed out by such disgusting, vile people.


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I got the CC via Misha. Check your "afireinside" box: I sent a email to you there.

Don't blame you. Startled me a bit seeing "asmallvictory" in their list of targets.

That's.... pretty bizarre.

Gee, that gave me the creeps. Better start loading up some mags for my HK USC.

That's their game - to try to instill fear. Maybe we need to all insult them at the same time...

Your site may be the Muslim a brother he next !! Then these aim each Muslim .


It would be nice to learn Arabic - but it is a lot harder than learning German, and I still don't know that very well.

One of my posts criticizing a neo-nazi publication was copied verbatim and featured on their site. Nothing ever came of it.

I'd be happy to join a synchronized insult attack.

For an amusement only : our collection of you is a number of the sites and the magazines that spoke about the scandal of the resonant Alhagana and their failure in the facing to us and a protection themselves ...I wish for you a happy time : )

That is from the translation, pointing out Michele's site as one that "spoke about the scanda.", NOT necessarily identifying her as a target. Let's not get all excited here, folks.

Come one folks, this is not the scary Al-Queda at work. Whoever was behind this is nothing more than a self-important, bed wetting dweeb with FAR more in common with the teenaged dweeb that got nailed for modifying the Blaster worm a couple months ago than a terrorist.

They don't deserve the attention they are already getting over this. It was a lame and pathetic attempt at getting attention and they should be squashed like the bugs that they are, nothing more.

That's pretty bizarre.

I would like to speak in defense of the bed-wetting dweebs of the world.

Seriously, though, I have to throw in behind Sekimori and Sherard on this one. Although being listed as a site that discussed the topic makes you a target of opportunity for other script kiddies with little else to do and not enough imagination to find a way to promote meaningful change, I don't think this warrants much more than a good review of firewall policies and a follow-up email to the FCC. Of course, that's easy for me to say, since my name isn't associated with my account and I am hosted by a freebie server, but please take the comment in the spirit in which it is offered, just an attempt to comfort the distressed.

Keep good backups and there is nothing they can take from you.

You’ve probably already seen this, but Winds of Change has some helpful info about avoiding and blocking DOS attacks