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another gratuitious 80's moment

Some things are better left un-remembered.

Leah Thompson slept with him. That's just wrong.


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Just when you were feeling better...

Another George Lucas (executive)produced masterpiece...

Dont forget Don Johnson "Heartbeat" came out of the same year.

She didn't sleep with him. She teased him, yes, but she didn't sleep with him.

Still, the movie was a Grade A stink bomb.

Thanks sooo much for that memory.

Even now, I vividly remember sitting through that movie. Leah Thompson is one of my favorite actresses - it was especially painful to see her in such a horrific enterprise.

Pshaw! That movie is a classic! This was Lucas at pinnacle of cinematic mastery, and who can blame poor Lea for being attracted to Howard? After all he was a master of...Quack-Fu.

I can't believe I mis-spelled Lea's name - it's all Michelle's fault!

But the title song (Thomas Dolby & Cherry Bomb, IIRC) was/is pretty cool...

Dead giveaway that I am way too much of a comic geek (gee, like you don't have any other clues): My only problem with the film was that Lea's character didn't sleep with Howard, as per the comic...

(Disclaimer: had a crush on Lea from Some Kind of Wonderful until the death throes of Caroline in the City -- so maybe my judgment on this flick is a wee bit biased...)

Antonio Hoyos, who played Howard the Duck, is a good friend of mine. We meet for breakfast from time to time.

He's currently performing in "Showgirls of Magic" in Atlantic City. He should be back here in Vegas in another 2 months or so.

When he gets back, I'll have to ask him if he slept with Lea Thompson. ;)

I remember being soooooooooooo jealous of that duck! Of course, that was mid-high school, if I remember correctly, and I also had a mad crush on Stevie Nicks.

Ah, youth ...

Er, does the fact that I actually liked this movie make me a complete loser? Then again, this Mouse has always been partial to CHEESE...

I thought it was hilarious. I've only seen it once, and a second viewing might spoil my memories and reveal the true horrors, but I'm laughing just remembering it. I'm going to look for it on DVD.

What is this Cleve-Land you speak of?

Ahh, that was the post-pantsless Howard. Once they put pants on him, it was only a matter of time.

Didn't Beverly actually lay an egg in the comic?

I went to that movie hoping for the genius of B'zzk Joh and the Imperium Emporium or Dr Bong and I got the Wattles uninspired drivel

Thanks George, anything else you wanna screw up?

wrong? you want wrong? check this out. could there be anything more wrong than that?

I actually loved this movie. :P Don't know why but I do.

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