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off to hell....

Have I mentioned that I have a fear of denists and a low tolerance for pain?

I may or may not be back later, depending on how I feel when the novacaine wears off.

You may use this space in the meantime to discuss the meaning of life.


you've experienced childbirth, yet the dentist scares you? Hmm... Don't bother explaining why ;-)

Giving birth is a walk in the park compared to having that drill accidentally strike your gum cuz the dentist 'slipped'. It's the noise, the jaw being held open, the cotton stuffed in there, the suction tube accidentally pinching the side of your tongue.
Good luck Michele. I see mine On Nov 4th. Unless I rip it out myself beforehand.

a root canal is not that big a deal, people. especially when you get SWEET AIR!!!!!!

I suggest you don't watch Marathon Man anytime soon. Just a thought.


What does the drill sound like? I've never heard it, since I've never had a cavity or anything. I'm 42, btw. My sis (age 40) hasn't ever heard it before, either. Is it bad? Everyone seems really scared of it, but it seems to me that it can't be that bad... I mean come on, it's just an itty bitty thing, right?

Nah, it's not bad. The sound doesn't bother me at all... nor does the hot, burnt smell as your tooth is heated up by the quick-turning drill...

I almost think I'd rather make a trip to the dentist than try to come up with coherent statement about the meaning of life.

Life is just too damn strange...

I love that movie. And by "love", I mean "cower in fear and whimper when I see it."

What Corbin Bernsen does to his wife... shudder

Three visits? Fear? Both completely unacceptable for a routine procedure as yours.

Your dentist should have recommended sleep dentistry. Look into it and ask for "Halcion" by name. My dentist pops those into my mouth like Skittles. It's a beautiful thing.

I work a help desk. Root canals are far more enjoyable.

Last time I went to the dentist, I actually had two cavities; these were the first cavities I've ever had (I'm 33). I let them drill the damned things without shooting me up with drugs--not because I have such a high tolerance for pain, but because it was near the end of my American Express billing cycle.

Damn, that hurt.


A lot of people have never believed me on this one but it is true...

My family has notoriously soft teeth. COnsequently all of my back teeth were filled as a child and again as an adult. Not once during those 24 fillings did I ever have novocaine or any kind of drug. I never experienced the joys of the needle in the gum til I had my teeth pulled for braces (my teeth refused to fall out when they were supposed to).

I don't know if my dentist was a sadist or if that's just how it was done in the 70's but most people refuse to believe me on this one.

If only my extreme fear of even getting my teeth cleaned could convince them.

That reminds me - time to sedate myself and make a dentist appointment.

There is no meaning of life. Quit wasting your precious little time looking for something that doesn't exist.