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Watching I Love the 80's last night made me remember that I once - not too long ago - had a huge crush on Chris Jericho.

Maybe crush isn't even the right word. Stalkerish obsession, perhaps.

I'll have you know that admitting this took a lot of courage.

Oh, stop mocking me. You know damn well every last one of has had an embarassing crush. You're just not brave enough to share.

Or are you?


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Sure, I had an embarrassing crush: John Smith in Pocahantes.

Yes, that's right.

The cartoon.

I don't have any crushes on wrestlers (and I've only been watching for about a year now) but every time I see Chris Jericho and The Edge, I want to draw giant Nordic warriors.

My favourite wrestlers are Gold Dust and Al Snow.

80's Strikes Back is fun to watch and remember. I hope that it come out on DVD.

But on a side note. Why is Mandy Moore on the show. She didnt live the 80's.

Fun note from last night: Trapper Keepers and "crack is wacked"

Wanted to add that my weirdest crush was probably on Ammon from the Book of Mormon. There was an Arnold Friberg painting of Ammon with rippling muscles about to start slicing the arms off of Lamanite bandits.

I guess that's almost the same as a wrestler.

(Yes, my childhood was strange.)

Dare I say, back in Junior High, Brooke Shields. Yes, sad, I know, but true.

Dating myself here,but Susan Dey in the Patridge Family AND LA Law.

Rowdy Roddy Piper. What can I say...a tough red-haired guy in a kilt...where the fuck do I sign up?!!

Chris Jericho looked very good in the 80s episode I watched last night -- much better without the crazy face hair. Yummy Canadian!

I confess I also have an irrational affection for Triple H... oh, his name is being floated around Hollywood as the new Conan. Interesting, n'est pas?

Although this wasn't from the 80's and will definitely show my age, I used to have Tiger Beat pull-out posters of Donny Osmond and, the then cute, Michael Jackson on my walls.

I think you win (Jericho? Edge is so much hotter.), but I used to have the weirdest crush on Ted Raimi... even watched Skinner, because he was in it.

i have a non-sexual crush on sam waterston, aka jack freakin' mccoy from law and order. awww who am i kidding - maybe it is sexual.

Hey, I wouldn't worry about having crushes on cartoon characters, if I were you. I used to have a crush on Lion-o from the Thundercats, as well as Aladdin and Speed Racer.

Nowadays, of course, I've tried to confine my crushes to real people. But then again, David from Lilo and Stitch is pretty hot...

John Boy Walton.

Man, Lion-O was HOT.

In the 80's? Juliet Anderson. That woman was HOT. (Yeah, she was a porn star. Ain't you supposed to have crushes on them?)

David Cassidy from the Partridge Family. I had a huge poster of him on my wall and used to stare at him while playing their record: "I can hear your heart beat . . . "

I have no idea who these 80s people are.

Victoria Principal and Emma Samms. Ooohh, the adolescent commitment. I think I promised myself to ALWAYS love them, or something. Have seen both recently, and they've held up fairly well, but I'm releasing myself from the pledge.

Oh my I loved Sting, remember the guy with the face painted white. and the big scorpion on his suit? ahhhhh, even got the dumb plate, framed it, and no lie, it's still hanging on the wall, course it's behind something now, but I don't have to admit that, oh wait, I just did... :0)

Daisy Duke and Debbie Gibson.

I was kinda hot for Kim Wilde back when Kids In America came out. There's just something about a girl in a plain white t-shirt...

The Rock.

Hey, I wouldn't worry about having crushes on cartoon characters, if I were you.


KimPossible is HOT.

Did I say that out loud?

i SWEAR those shows are like crack for the couch potato. and the irony is, that even if you miss an episode, you KNOW it will be on again every fourth hour for six weeks.

but nope. can't drag ass from couch...

In the 80s it was Prince cringe. Yes that skinny, sexually ambiguous shrimp. I have no idea what I was thinking......

Hey Tom, Tiffany could kick Debbie Gibson's a$$ anyday. I'd have taken her mallrat bad girl persona over goody 2-shoes anyday.

Taarna, the chick from Heavy Metal the Movie.

Wendy Nottingham (Helen Lenoir in "Topsy Turvy")

Davy Jones from the Monkees. And that wasn't even my generation -- but I think MTV started playing the episodes in the late 80s or something, so I got hooked then. He was sooooooooooooooo cute!

The early MTV VJ Martha Quinn. I am sure I'm not the only one, am I?

Do I want an answer to that? Hmmmm.

Johnny Depp, back in his 21 Jump Street Days.

Shut up.

I used to think I honestly had a chance with Jenny Garth on 90210. Today, I'm more realistic and have set my sights on Salma Hayek, the most utterly boinkable female celebrity out there.

Not all pertain to the 80's, but here goes:
-David Cassidy (Partridge family reruns)
-New Kids on the Block (particularly Jonathan)
-Menudo (back in their hey-day(??), when Ricky Martin was part of the group.)
-Dylan from 90210
-Zach from Saved by the Bell

I think that's it...;-)

Amanda, you were such a crush slut.

Tawny Kitaen from the Whitesnake videos. The crush was revisited when she came out with the movie "Witchboard."

Ahhhh. Confession is good for the soul.

Leif Garrett. Wonder where he went!

The early MTV VJ Martha Quinn. I am sure I'm not the only one, am I?

The subject is embarrassing crushes. I am not the least bit embarrassed about that one.

Robin Gibb. Oh, come on! It was the late 1970's--the BeeGees' disco heyday. And I was five years old, so the crush never got beyond the "oh, he's cute" level of thinking.

(seeing as most of my embarrassing crushes predate the 80's...)

Valerie Bertinelli -- starting about the second season of One Day at a Time, when they started easing up on the 'tomboy' gimmick (and not really ending until shortly after the Van Halen Disappointment...)

(Of course, Bonnie Franklin weren't half-bad neither...)

Tracy Austin. what? she was hot.

Ooh, I forgot about Valerie Bertinelli. I think I sprouted one of my very first erections because of her. Or maybe I just had to pee really bad. It's so hard to remember sometimes.

Going back to the late 70's... Kristy McNichol.

hmm. i can't think of any embarassing ones. Any Gibb? When "Shadow Dancin'" came out? I think i was like, 9.. maybe 10?

Otherwise, there was Charlie Sexton, John Taylor, Matt Dillon, Tom Cruise (especially in "the Outsiders". More recently an ongoing crush on Gary Oldman, Chris Cornell, Todd Lewis from the Toadies... aw, hell, it's ALL embarassing.

In the mid 70's, Kristy McNichol...I was young and she was and is real cute.

Hey, Tom, I got your back on Debbie Gibson. (Although I do remember seeing a hilarious slashfic with Debbie and Tiffany as ninja assassins.)

I also crushed hard on that guy from The Beastmaster and Matt Dillon.

Samantha Fox, the boucny, busty British Pop singer from the late 80's.

Nicole De Boer. I had a crush on her since Beyond Reality. Took awhile to let go of that minor dose of insanity. Obsession hurts.

Kim Richards... not sure if it was late 70s or very early 80s, but it started when she played Jim Rockford, I mean, James Garner and Mariette Hartley's "daughter" in those cutsie Kodak commercials. I thought this can't be the girl from "Escape from Witch Mountain" (took me weeks to find out that it was; this was the dark ages, before internet search engines)... Loved her smokey voice especially.

Really hot in "Tuff Turf" with James Spader... What?! Y'all have never heard of the classic movie "Tuff Turf"?! Dropped off the face of the earth after that; just another child actor that couldn't make the transition to adult acting. Of course, maybe she invested her money well and decided to retire early; I'd have loved to retire at 21.

Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue


Susanna Hoffs, but I guess that doesn't count since I'm not embarrassed by it?


Nope, run her up the flagpole and I'll still salute.

Crushes on cartoon characters?? I got ya beat...

"Race" on Johnny Quest (The original ones) That's how old I am.

And here's an obscure one -- I don't even remember his name except it was Jeb something-or-other. It was on "Baa Baa Black Sheep", and he played the underaged teenaged Corsair pilot, opposite Robert Conrad.

Cartoon? How about Daria. She wants my body.

Megan McArdle
Rachel Lucas
Virginia Postrel
James Lileks

Michael Moore - he's progressive!

Sammy Hagar during his Van Halen years. Strange but true.

Can't believe no one mentioned Rick Springfield. What's wrong with you people!!!!