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this is halloween: remember that part with the tree? and the face?

Somehow I got off track of my This is Halloween posts. I better start catching up.

Last year, in preparation for our all-night movie watching Halloween scarefest, I asked for your favorite horror movies. Let's get more specific this time.

I found this link at Fark, which lists some dolt's top ten scariest movie moments. Unfortunately, he got a lot of facts wrong, so his list is moot. Good thing a Farker linked to this list - which only goes from 100-47 right now (and we all know that any list written by Rob Berry is worth its wait in bandwidth. Hah. Get it?).

Anyhow. I've added two of my scariest moments to the Fark list. You'll just have to figure out who I am.

Movies Scary Moments. Let's have 'em. Entertain me while I sit here and moan about my toothache.

first person to mention 'showgirls' gets kicked in the ass

p.s. It doesn't have to be a horror movie, per se. Just a part of a film that really scared you.


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The original "Haunting" still freaks me from start to finish.

Not a horror movie, but...

The Balrog made me shiver.

Poltergeist is still the only movie that really creeps me out. But Sixth Sense is probably second.

The original Haunting, yes, mbruce...when the huge carved oaken doors begin to bend inwards... My scalp is crawling off my head just typing these words, gooseflesh all over. shudder Must go watch it again...

A little known film, but scary as all get out, the Prince of Darkness. A John Carpenter film, not surprising.

Paperhouse is very creepy; it's based on a book called Marianne Dreams, and it's about a little girl who gets sick. She starts drawing in a notebook with a pencil, and when she dreams, she sees what she draws. The more she details the picture, the creepier things get. I've found that the book is much scarier than the movie, but there are still some chilling moments.

The Ring didn't scare me as much as it filled me with dread and tension. As a parent, it was hard to watch sometimes. 28 Days was an adrenalin rush that wasn't built on car chases; it was emotionally brutal, and the terror came from strong cinematography, creepy angles, and top-notch performances.

13 Ghosts isn't a perfect scary movie and the story is somewhat off at times, but it's got some pretty freaky images with the various ghosts. Of course, the Carpenter classic, The Fog, is priceless for the mood and setting, if not for the John Houseman ghost story at the beginning.

I was 12 or so when "Trilogy of Terror" was on Channel 7. Everyone was sick in the house but me and I was up and alone in the living room watching Karen Black be terrorized by the Zuni Fetish Doll. Scariest thing I've ever seen.

The only part of Poltergeist to bother me was that damn evil clown doll. Will we ever learn? The clown dolls always kill, kill, kill!

I 3rd Poltergeist. Both the creepy clown (I know, that's redundant) and when the little girl is sitting in front of the t.v. But the all time scariest moment is Aliens when the little baby alien comes out of the egg and latches onto John Hurt's (was that who it was?) face. Aliens, best scary movie ever.

The Shining. The maze scene at the end of the movie. Jack Nicholson's character chasing that little boy. Then, the freeze shot.


I just read all of the scariest moments stuff on both sites and now I'm freaking out. It's too dark under my desk, man, something's gonna eat my legs. I KNOW it.

1. In the Mouth of Madness. Driving in the dark. Old creepy guy on bike.

2. Body Bags. Gas station vignette.

3. Exorcist 3. Old lady climbing up wall like spider.

4. Alien. Just, you know, the whole thing.

There was a TV movie with Kim Darby from the mid 70's where she and her husband moved into this old mansion and then these little green men were trying to getr her.I don't remember the title but I have to go to IMDB for help on that.The little green guys were smart,too.And really really creepy.

"Don't be afraid of the dark" was the movie.

Scariest movie I ever saw was the one they showed us in 7th grade (1962; the projector almost drowned out the sound track) about the dangers of crossing railroad tracks. I can still see that second train which was hidden by the one which just passed bearing down on the 57 Ford convertable with the two boys in the front seat and their dates in the back, and then the mangled car being towed past the ambulances.

Single worst "Gotcha" moment for me:

A dead tie between "Raiders of the Lost Ark", when the Ark is opened and the Nazi's faces melt off as they scream.....

And Harry and the Hendersons.
Shut up.
It was the scene where they'd just strapped the "dead" sasquatch to the roof of the car, they're driving off, the father says "these things just happen-" and BAM! Screaming wookie face in the windshield. Every member of my family, myself included, damnear levitated right out of our chairs.

The end of "Phantasm" when the undertaker comes through the mirror saying "Boy! I've got you now boy!"
Or maybe Dan Akroyd in "Twilight Zone" "You want to see something really scary?
The first "Tales From the Crypt" "Mommy, I let Santa in."
"I got my own cake." figure it out. Rey

I don`t really "get" scarey movies but I did like the one in Tales From The Hood.The one where the gangsta lives his normal life only to realize he`s dead and in hell.Alien was great,Aliens too(more firepower) but I think of them as Sci-Fi.

1. The Ring.
2. In Batman, the first movie, when the Joker falls in the vat of acid and sinks slowly, one hand sticking out as he goes under... for some reason, it just gave me the jibblies.

In "Seven" when the guy kills the stripper with a strap-on, well, killing thing. That still creeps me out.

Also, the episode of the X-Files that Stephen King wrote about the doll and the hokey pokey playing right before people died terrible deaths. Actually the specific scene where the mom has the daughter in the room and she's nailing the door shut, when she turns and the girl is standing behind her saying "what are you doing, Mommy?"

"Breakdown" with Kurt Russell. Scary as hell--because it's plausible.

I still look away when Toht's(the medallion hand guy) head melts away at the end of Raider of the Lost Ark...

Oh, that fucking doll in Trilogy of Terror... WHY did you have to remind me of it? Brrrrrr.

And I hated that Kim Darby movie, too.

The Omega Man scared me. I was just a kid. All zombie movies scared the hell out of me. I didn't see Night of the Living Dead until I was in college, and it STILL scared me.

A really old movie, "The Last Man On Earth," starring Vincent Price. The final scene.

Ooh, the final scene of the original "The Fly." "Help me... help me...!"

The original Dracula. Saw it in high school. Bela Lugosi.

And the worst of the modern movies: The first shark attack in "Jaws." The one where you never see the shark, only the girl screaming and trying to get away.

The Chinese food scene in Alien.

Silence of the Lambs.

Good short stories and novels do it to me more than any movies... but I'd have to say that the origional Alien had the most parts in it that either scared or creeped me out.

Not generally classed as a horror movie, but the scene near the beginning of Predator where they [and the audience] still had no idea what they were dealing with, when they suddenly came upon the row of hanging skinned corpses made me jump almost out of my skin.

Heh. I take that back about movies seldom scaring or freaking me out: the last scenes in Freaks, where the circus freaks are flopping, hopping, and squirming in the chase scene at the end scared hell out of me when I saw it as a kid.

Just now remembered that movie for some reason... definately one of the all time great creepy movies.

Although it was pretty much a humor flick, "Return Of The Living Dead" did have one scene that still bothers me: when that girl offers up her brain to her ex-boyfriend because she's tired of running away from the zombies seeking braaaaaiiiiiinnnssss. She looks so uncomfortable, yet so resigned to her fate, as he chomps away at her skull. Icky.

The Sixth Sense managed to creep me out the whole way through. But it was also uplifting to see this kid come to terms with his gift. He goes from running from ghosts to being their shrink. And the plot twist at the end played me like a fiddle. Loved it!

Another good one for end to end creepiness is Salem's Lot. The sound when one of the boys -- newly a vampire -- makes as his fingernail scrapes on his once best friend's window ...

And a foreign film: Anatomie. Franka Potente -- and that's reason enough to see it -- stars as a med student who discovers a secret society that dissects people while they are still alive.

My single scariest ever scene occurred in the original Howard Hawks "Thing From Another World." In the room containing the block of ice with The Thing in it, a soldier is sitting at a desk doing some paperwork. Unbeknownst to him, the electric blanket over the block of ice is melting it. At some point, we hear in the distance, the sled dogs start to howl. As the soldier is engrossed in his work, he suddenly sees a shadow appearing over his paperwork, and his head slowly turns to see what it is. And he finds out. I was 12 at the time (50 years ago), and the memory still disturbs me.

The beginning of E.T. scared the crap out of me, because it was so chaotic & loud.

When the witch turns into a dragon in Sleeping Beauty and fights the prince.

I can't remember a particular scary part of The Rescuers, I just remember it was a scary movie.

Obviously, the last time I had pure cinematic fright was in my childhood, but that's unsurprising because it's hard to top the scary bits of Disney films. I've noticed that lately Disney has been making their kids' films less scary. I don't know if that's good or bad.

Though it's not horror in any sense of the word, I thought "Eraserhead" was one of the creepiest things I've ever seen--sort of a bad dream that you can't wake up from. I'd also mention "Don't Look Now" for pure atmospheric creepiness, and the original "Carnival of Souls" for high impact on a low budget :)

I still cannot finish "The Sun Dog" in Stephen King's Four Past Midnight collection. I read it once, then tried to read it again but it scared the hell out of me. The previous story, the one about libraries and licorice, was pretty scary too, but "The Sun Dog" is still the bar for all things scary. At least, for me.

Showgirls! [thud] OW!

The closest a movie has come to freaking me out is Seven. But I have never been scared by a movie. Literature, however... I read The Amityville Horror when I was 12, and the part where the thing burns itself into the fireplace gave me nightmares for weeks.

Recently, I bought a copy of Everything's Eventual. Everything was fine until "1408". (Brief synopsis: author of "haunted" tour guides encounters the real thing.) Something about the way he describes the light and the air put me right in the hotel room while the bad shit was going down. Creepy, I tell ya.

So a few days later, I'm in the basement just before going to bed, folding clothes and thinking about how much I hated my job, when the fluorescent over the dryer flickered and went dim. I thought my heart was going to stop.

The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre... The whole thing is heart-poundingly scary, but there are two scenes which were the worst for me. One: When the guy in the wheelchair gets it. In what is likely a sign of our PC times I just thought that there was no way they'd kill the guy in the wheel chair. Of course he would survive, I mean... he's in a wheel chair, why would they have a guy in a wheel chair if he was going to die? That's too easy. And then, he just... gets brutalized and... ugh...

The second is the last stretch when the gal is running away from Leatherface in broad daylight. I think it's mainly because 99% of horror flicks take place in the dark and this scene was a way to totally fuck that convention up.

I had nightmares after seeing the original Haunting. So terrifying.

Also - Rosemary's Baby is ... for me ... almost unwatchably scary.

The Exorcist is terrifying. Terrifying.

And I just saw The Ring and it FREAKED ME OUT.

Halloween is another. The FIRST Halloween - not all the sequels. That movie is so real, so scary - I felt like I WAS that babysitter huddled in the closet.

The original Haunting. Finally got it on DVD. That movie proved to me the scariest stuff is what you DON'T see.

Halloween. A quiet, stealthy, unstoppable killer. Yeah, the guy has the Jason-like 'no amount of injury will stop me' effect going on, which is not that scarey, but the fact he is so quiet about what he does freaks me a little.

Alien. Because you only get glipses of it. They don't even have to show the people getting killed to put the fear of that thing into you.

In The Mouth of Madness. A work worthy of Lovecraft. Much more so than any movie actually based upon his works.

The House on Haunted Hill (remake). It had a really creepy atmosphere until the inkblot showed up.

Actually, I found the nazgul in the first LotR movie to be rather scary. The Ring itself is also creepy.

Not a movie, but I remember being extremely creeped out by the Shadows in B5's third season. "Messages From Earth" to be specific.

The mad, dead gleam in Ben Kingsley's eyes in Sexy Beast was unforgettably nasty. Thanks, Steve, for mentioning Eraserhead - I still wish I could rinse my brain clean of that brilliantly disturbing movie and that's after seeing it once some 20 years ago.

Meryl -
Funny you should mention both the Omega Man and Last Man On Earth, since I think they were both based on the same story - I Am Legend, by Richard Matheson... I think they're trying to make a third movie version of it as well...

And I never did get around to seeing the Trilogy of Terror, but I read the short story the Devil Doll came from - also by Richard Matheson.

Perhaps its just because it's still fresh in my mind, but the remake of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was probably the scariest thing I can remember seeing in theaters. I spent the entire show clutching my boyfriend's hand and squealing every time Leatherface reappeared... I really liked the original, but the remake made me jump which no horror movie has done for me in ages.

"You think I'm a funny guy?" Scary Joe Pesci.

There's an old black-and-white movie with a name like "Haunted House on the Hill" or somesuch, but which has doors that breath, and groan.

This may sound girly...but the sudden deaths in Final Destination creeped me out bigtime.

I was shaking during the whole scene in the bathroom.

Twilight Zone, the kid that could do anything to his family. They showed his sister/brother mindlessly watching TV (perspective from behind the TV) and then panned up and revealed that he/she had no mouth. And the thing on the plane. Couldn't sleep that night (I was about 10).

Rutger Hauer in the Hitcher was VERY creepy. One of those shows I loved, but I'm not sure I could ever watch it again.

I love scary movies, and all of the good ones terrify me at some point. But for sheer I-can't-sleep-at-night terror, it has to be The Amityville Horror, and that because of a childhood event. I grew up on a farm where until I was 10 or so we slaughtered a hog every year for the meat. It was no big deal to the men who did it because it was something they'd done all their lives. I of course had to be in the middle of anything exciting, but all the blood and gore was intimidating; I also wouldn't go over to the barn until the hog was dead. So envision this: Crisp fall weather, steam rising from a huge cast iron kettle on an open fire, a dead hog on bare boards resting on sawhorses. A group of men scraping the hog's wet skin with large knives (to get the hair off; the hot water was poured over the hog to loosen the hair). Me, 8 years old, holding onto the pig's tail as instructed by my dad, because really it was the only way he could let me be safely involved yet out of the way. (Btw, a pig's tail feels like a very hairy long human finger.) After they finished their work, my great-uncle turned to me and said, "Tonight that pig's gonna look in the window at you and say, 'You held my tail!'" Now that sounds harmless to an adult, but it nearly scared the pee out of me and I didn't sleep well for a week.

Cut to The Amityville Horror - remember Jody the pig? The little boy's "secret friend". At one point in the movie, Jody peers into the boy's second floor window at night, apparently drifting on darkness, his eyes bright glowing red pinpoints. Well, I was 16 when I saw that movie, and the theater nearly had to reupholster that theater seat. And I didn't sleep well for another week.


'Jacob's Ladder'

The overall tone of the film is creepy. Really freaky creapy. Two parts worth particular mention. In the second half of the movie when things are starting to go off the deep end, Tim Robbins is looking into a mirror and sees his head moving back and forth so fast it's just a blur. Combined with freaky sound effects it was enough to make me jump out of my skin (you have to imagine the jump cut and loud sound). Later he is in bed surrounded by his family - you feel like you are finally able to take a breath. He breaths 'It was just a dream', and this deep evil voices says something like - 'no' or 'it's not a dream'. Very freaky.

At least to me, the freakiest movie of all time.

I can't believe no one else is arachnophobic. I once made my wife return beanie baby spider toy she got me for a stocking stuffer because it freaked me out. In fact, pretty much any spider movie, even documentaries on the Discovery Channel, scares me. I'm a source of amusement to my friends. Unsurprisingly, my 'scariest moment' was in Arachnophobia.

Most of the movie Arachnophobia was funny as hell, but the end scene in the basement, with Momma Spider crawling up on Jeff Daniels - ok, I have to confess, I didn't actually see it, because I was sitting in the theatre with my eyes shut trying not to hear anything without actually putting my fingers in my ears. If you're really, really scared, that's the best way to completely freak yourself out.

Actually, that's how I watch most spider movies. I don't know what I'm going to do about Shelob.

For a regular horror movie, I remember being terrified of "Phantasm." It was especially innovative for its time period, and it was the first horror movie I saw that had an ending where the bad guy(s) won.

But in my life, I haven't been as scared of anything as I was of The Childcatcher in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." I was just the right age for that concept to cut deep -- I think I still have nightmares about it.....

Exorcist 3 The elderly spider woman crawling across the ceiling and the long hallway shot of the nurses station, walks in the room whew she's ok, DEAR GOD! What is that thing!!

Just the way the spirit/ghost/demon/whatever moves in that shot creeps me out, just a sense of determination you KNOW it will not be dissuaded, just like the opening scene of jaws and the knife fight in Saving Private Ryan, you don't wanna see it but it won't stop.

The first Alien movie. I had my eyes shut practically during the entire movie. It is the
Cadillac of all scarey movies. I've seen it several more times on cable and haven't been scared again like that. But movie had so much suspense in it that I wanted to get up and run out screaming but I was an adult, so I didn't.

Salem's Lot freaked me out...vampires, creepy ugh. The chief vampire guarded by James Mason was
absolutely terrifying and bothered me for several weeks at night.

The Normady Beach landing from "Saving Private Ryan" scared the living sh*t out of me. Nothing I have seen in a movie or TV show has been as frightening.

1. The original "Omen". Gregory Peck was fabulous in that: freaking out at just the right times. But the scene that creeps me out the most is that little kid who played Damien, at his parent's funeral, just turning around and smiling beatifically. Eeew. You're devil spawn! Aieeeee!

2. The Exorcist: that whole movie freaks me out.

3. Dead Ringers: Nothing can be right in the world when Jeremy Irons plays gynecologist twins. That movie was wierd, but it horrified me when one of the twins walked into the shop to ask for certain "instruments" to be made from his designs. I'd just had my first exam and I wiggged out.

Kingdom of the Spiders.

What the hell. I was 7 at the time.

Alien, as well, but the 1st half of Aliens got me good, too.

Without a doubt, Pet Sematary. So many disturbing scenes, but the one that kept me up at night was the scene with Zelda and her moaning and groaning. horrible.

Two of 'em.

When I was seven, I talked my mother into letting me see a double-feature down the street.

The first, Gorgo, was kinda heartwarming. The second, though, gave me screaming nightmares for weeks. It was Caltiki (Kaltiki?), which really isn't that scary a movie. What got to me was a scene with a diver in a pool, filling a basket with gems. The scene showed the people who were tending the ropes going to the basket and the diver. After a while, there are no more gems coming up, so they tug on the ropes. No response. They pull up the basket. Only a few gems. They pull up the diver. It's a skeleton in a wetsuit. More than 40 years later, it's the only scene I remember from the movie.

The other one was the stalking scene near the end of 'Wait Until Dark.' Very dark scene, a blind woman is being chased in her apartment by the bad guys, who are trying to recover a doll filled with heroin. She's disabled all the lights, and the only light in the scene is coming from a refrigerator door that one of the bad guys jammed open by a towel. You can't see much, and then suddenly the light is flashing off a knife blade passing by. Jerked my knees clear up to my chin on that one.

I know some of you will snigger at this, but when I was a little kid, the Banshee from "Darby O'Gill and the Little People" scared the Hell out of me.

A number of people have mentioned "The Ring." That one just confused me.

Does anyone remember the original Psycho and the shower scene?

When I was very young, the evil queen (I think that's what she was - been a long time) in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang scared the hell outta me. And the Wicked Witch of the East in Wizard of Oz was pretty scary when I was a youngster, too. More recently, House of 1000 Corpses is probably the most gut-wrenching and dread-filled movie I've seen. Lots of killing and mutilation with absolutely no purpose behind it, which is scarier than horror movies that at least attempt to give the villain some kind of motivation mor his/her madness. I wouldn't really recommend it as a good movie, though. Just gruesome and pointless. Ugh...

Easy. The final scene of Carrie when her hand shoots up out of the grave. My sister nicely recreated that scene at the end of my bed when I was little. I had to sleep with my mother for about two weeks.

"House on Haunted Hill" is the name you're probably thinking of, not to be confused with "The Haunting of Hill House," which was just remade into "The Haunting." Scared the hell out of me, both of 'em. But I get the confused. Which one was the one where Kim Darby effectively married the house and stayed with it? Brrrr.

It's so nice to see that I'm not the only one who closes her eyes during scary scenes in movies.

Oooh... the devil movies of the 70s all creeped me out, even though I don't believe in the devil at all. Exorcist, Omen, Rosemary's Baby--yep, all of them.

What a great thread for Halloween, Michele.

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