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on the other hand...

On a day when I decided that I really hate people, the UPS man brings joy.

Thank you to the two very kind people (I never know if gift givers want to be identified, so I don't do it unless they send me an email saying it's ok) who purchased items for me off of my wishlist.

Today we received the Sleepy Hollow DVD (just in time for a Halloween viewing!) and the Myst Trilogy. There's five CDS that came with the trilogy. I've got to hide these from Justin or I may lose him to the computer.

Thank you, both of you. You made me smile even though it hurts.


Gifts are just the best, aren't they? Somebody sent me a copy of "Endless Nights" the other week, and it really lifted my spirits on a crappy day.


Consider the Myst CDs and belated birthday/aniversary present (Which means you DO have to share with Justin). My wife didn't get me anything for my 41st bday (sniff).

I Love Myst and I'm sure you will to!

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